The Most Wonderful Souvenirs You Can Get in Hoi An, Vietnam

Picture of paintings | © Franzfoto/WikiCommons
Picture of paintings | © Franzfoto/WikiCommons
When it comes to souvenirs from Hội An, you have to talk about its tailors. It’s hard to beat slipping into a custom dress or suit for the same price as a fancy meal back home. But there is so much more to Hội An. This magical city is brimming with talented artists plying their trade, each creating wonderful souvenirs for you to remember your time in Vietnam.


You’ll have no problem finding a shop selling amazing paintings. They’ve also gotten pretty good at making their works safe for travel, but the framing will probably be up to you unless you fly cargo class.

Picture of paintings © Franzfoto/WikiCommons


Instead of having a mass-produced plaque from a big box decorator, why not have a one-of-a-kind scroll? You can still get “Live Love Laugh” on it if you want, but at least the Vietnamese version will be much prettier. Head to Hoi An Calligraphy.

Artists at work in Hoi An © garycycles8/Flickr

Traditional masks

These quirky masks have rich histories, featuring characters from Vietnamese folklore. They would be an interesting conversation starter in your place — a perfect reminder of your travels.

Strange faces for sale © Jimmy Tran/Shutterstock

Bamboo root sculptures

There are a wide variety of souvenirs made from bamboo, but these masks carved out of tree roots will definitely catch your eye. They’re striking, but maybe don’t put them next to your bed — scary way to wake up.

Creepy and beautiful faces © xuanhuongho/Shutterstock

Áo dài

From comically tacky suits to wedding dresses, the tailors in Vietnam can stitch together anything your heart so desires. But, for a souvenir to really show off, you should get an áo dài. They’re a wonderful expression of Vietnamese beauty.

Traditional ao dai © Tran Son Hai/Flickr

Coffee, tea and accessories

Teapots, sets of elegant mugs, old-fashioned coffee grinders — Hội An has many shops and cafes where lovers of tea and coffee can get their fill. One of the best things to do in Hội An is to find a nice cafe and watch the world go by. Enjoy some good brews, and maybe get a set of stylish pots for your kitchen at home.

There is so much good coffee and tea in Hoi An © Bex Walton/Flickr


You knew they had to be in here somewhere. The most vivid feature of Hội An is the thousands of spectral lanterns hanging everywhere, casting their gentle light over ghosts of centuries past. Pretty well every shop sells them, take your pick!

Shopping in Hoi An is a pleasant experience © Loi Nguyen Duc/Flickr