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Dalat Palace Heritage Luxury Hotel | ©
Dalat Palace Heritage Luxury Hotel | ©

The 10 Best Hotels and Resorts in Dalat, Vietnam

Picture of Matthew Pike
Updated: 2 January 2018

Dalat City is famous for lovers, flowers, lakes and cool mountain air. It’s where the colonial French built their villas to escape Saigon’s heat. These days, there’s no need to build your own mansion. Just let these hotels and resorts take care of everything for you.

Dalat Palace Heritage Luxury Hotel

You won’t find a nicer hotel than this one in Dalat, which is why you’ll pay a premium to stay here. The rooms are opulent, yet tasteful, which describes the entire hotel, really. They have a gym, a bar, a fine-dining restaurant, a royal karoake room and so much more. This is as good as it gets in Dalat.

Swiss-BelResort Tuyen Lam Dalat

At the Swiss-BelResort Tuyen Lam Dalat, you get the style of a Swiss Alps resort, surrounded by a golf course and beautiful mountains. This is the perfect escape for a family, or for a group of friends looking to spend some time in a luxury setting. They have two pools, a tennis court, a comfy cinema, a gym, a spa, and more all for a reasonable price.

Navy Flowers Hotel

With wonderfully furnished rooms, a stunning foyer and a lounge with amazing views on the top floor, you really can’t go wrong staying here. It’s a few minutes outside the city, but taxis are easy to catch. This is a new hotel so expect the staff to go above and beyond as they work to build their already good reputation.

Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa

With spectacular views of Tuyen Lam Lake, the Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa is a remote haven for business conferences and families alike. They have so much for you to do, so it doesn’t really matter that you’re a bit outside of town.

TTC Hotel Premium Ngoc Lan

This hotel is smack in the middle of Dalat. From the front steps, you can see the central market, the night market and Xuan Huong Lake. And for the price, this is a fantastic deal. The rooms are luxurious, the staff are helpful, and the hotel has all the amenities you’d expect of high-end accommodation: spa, gym, fine-dining restaurant, and even a karaoke room.

Du Parc Hotel Dalat

Styled like an old colonial French villa, this hotel is a lovely reminder of the days when Dalat was the mountain playground for French families escaping the heat of Saigon. The Du Parc Hotel has everything you would expect of a luxury hotel, and all for a decent price.

La Sapinette Hotel Dalat

Though La Sapinette is a bit outside the city centre, taxis are cheap. The rooms are large and modern, and customer service is superb. They feature a high-end restaurant as well as a conference room, making this hotel a popular choice for business retreats.

Zen Valley Dalat

As the name suggests, this hotel along with the bungalows is a peaceful retreat from the urban madness that pervades Vietnam. You really feel like you’re engulfed in nature here. The decor is wooden as well, which adds to the homey feeling.

Saigon Dalat Hotel

For such a small city, Dalat has an impressive number of luxury hotels, and the Saigon Dalat Hotel is certainly one of the best. They’re near the city centre, so you’ll have no problem getting out and about whenever you so choose. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself staying in more than you expected, though, because the facilities are just that nice.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat

You really do feel like you’re amid nature at the Ana Mandara Villas Dalat, even though the touristy areas are just a short taxi ride away. They feature a spa, pool, restaurant, and plenty of activities to keep children busy while you relax.