The 10 Best Coffee Shops in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

Mucha matcha
Mucha matcha | © Newdays Japanese Matcha Cafe / Facebook
Photo of Piumi Rajapaksha
15 January 2019

After exploring the alleyways of District 6, tucking yourself into an air-conditioned coffee shop and grabbing a cup of refreshing iced coffee is a welcome break. Here are the top 10 coffee shops in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City.

From small family-run, unique themed cafés, to large franchises, District 6 houses many coffee shops that are worth your visit. Check them out.

Motif Coffee

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Motif coffee
A random assortment of paintings | © Motif Coffee / Facebook

With predominantly blue décor, Motif Coffee is a firm favourite among District 6 residents. The space is small, as is their menu, but that is part of the charm. The drinks served here are a work of art, and look too delicious to consume without taking that Instagram-perfect picture first. The staff who run the venue are enthusiastic and attentive, and are eager to form bonds with their customers. Besides coffee, fruit tea or ice blended drinks, Motif also serves pizza and fries as well as cakes and other desserts. Great for an hour or two.

The Coffee House

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The Coffee House is a very successful coffee franchise in Vietnam, with dozens of venues scattered throughout the country. Their mission is to serve consistently great cups of coffee to their customers, choosing the best coffee suppliers in Vietnam. The District 6 branch is located on Bình Phú street. Modern and spacious, yet often crowded, you will find plenty of young Vietnamese inside, occupying the seats for hours. The menu has many coffee-based drinks, teas and juices, with some simple snacks and desserts to munch on. Order up at the counter, call dibs on a table and within moments you’ll find yourself blending into the slow-moving crowd.

Newdays Japanese Matcha Cafe

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Newdays Japanese Matcha Cafe
Mucha matcha | © Newdays Japanese Matcha Cafe / Facebook

As the name suggests, Newdays Japanese Matcha Café is all about matcha-related products including drinks, cakes and other desserts made by following popular Japanese recipes. Try their matcha cheese latte – a unique drink that will have you coming back for more. Thanks to their quirky menu and comfortable space, the guys behind the concept have enjoyed some success, leading to the openings of a few more venues spanning Ho Chi Minh City’s different districts.

Passio Coffee

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Passio Coffee is another famous coffee chain in Vietnam, with dozens of venues in the country’s major cities. Offering good drinks and some basic bakery products, Passio Coffee is more of a takeaway shop than a place to sit down and hang out with friends. Their tables are mostly tall, perfect for a quick sit and people watching. The café is located on the ground floor of Lucky Plaza in District 6. The light green signage is hard to miss when passing by.

One Shot Coffee Tea & More

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One Shot Coffee
A great working space | © One Shot Coffee & More / Facebook

Thanks to their weekly events, One Shot Coffee is popular both with visitors and District 6 residents. Their English speaking club on Sunday (2.30pm-5pm) is a particular favorite, attracting enthusiastic students eager to practice a new language. The coffee here is also delicious, as is their dessert menu with cakes and cookies. Bring a friend and enjoy playing their small board game collection, allowing you to while away a couple of hours.

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Co Thom Salon & Cafe

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A rather special addition to this list, Co Thom is not only a café with a great beverage menu, but also functions as a beauty salon. Perfect for a relaxing day, there are a bunch of beauty treatments you can opt for, such as herbal hair care, mani-pedis and facials. End your day with a cup of coffee and a book, as the space inside is very inviting and warm, allowing you to de-stress not only your body but also your mind. On the menu are fresh juice, floral and herbal teas, plus coffee.

Bang Lang Tim Garden Coffee

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Bang Lang Tim Garden
Bang Lang Tim Garden | © Bang Lang Tim / Facebook

With a vast space with nice decoration, Bang Lang Tim Garden Coffee is a comfortable place to spend a big chunk of your day. If the air conditioning gets too cold, there is a garden seating area outside with lights that come on after sunset, adding to a romantic vibe. They have a good mix of beverages to choose from, ranging from coffee and tea to smoothies and fresh juices, all at an affordable price. The space is colorful and attractive and will look great on your Instagram feed!

Highlands Coffee

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Highlands Coffee
A traditional phin-filtered Vietnamese coffee | © ayustety / Flickr

Located almost at every turn of Ho Chi Minh City, Highlands Coffee is another of the popular coffee franchises of Vietnam. Cosy interiors are adopted across all venues, attracting loyal crowds that visit for the familiar vibe. Their menu is a lot more interesting than the likes of Starbucks or The Coffee House, with products such as banana cake with a dash of rum, passionfruit cheesecake, and even fusion versions of local favorites such as Bánh mì. Their freeze drink menu is the most popular – try the iced kiwi or mango tea. Highlands Coffee has now even gone international, seeing its first branch outside Vietnam to open, in Manila, Philippines.

Bui Van Ngo Coffee

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Bui Van Ngo was established in 2013 with two main product ranges: coffee and cookies. They not only focus on taste, but also quality, aiming for products that are free of artificial flavor, colorings or chemicals. They now have six branches in southern Vietnam, including Phan Thiet and Can Tho. Their menu has all sorts of coffee products as well as desserts, popular among residents of Ho Chi Minh City that crave a unique venue rather than one of the big franchises. The location on Binh Phu street is quite large, with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. It is often busy, especially on the weekends. Try their Con Panna (espresso and whipped cream) and their Bombon (espresso with condensed milk).

Cong Caphe

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Coconut coffee
Coconut coffee | © Bex Walton / Flickr

Cong Caphe aims to create a different feeling for visitors compared to The Workshop. Every piece of furniture, the art on the wall, flower pots, military décor and tableware, together with the dim lights and mellow music, all contribute towards creating a rustic, ’80s feeling. It is a popular chain throughout Vietnam, having locations in Da Nang, Hanoi, and Sapa in addition to Ho Chi Minh City. In District 1 itself there are two branches. Their signature iced coconut coffee is exceptional and a must-try.

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