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Kevin Whipple / © Culture Trip
Kevin Whipple / © Culture Trip

Lạc Long Quân: The Legend of Vietnam's Dragon Lord

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Updated: 15 May 2018
He slayed a water monster, ended a nine-tailed fox’s reign of terror, and his marriage to Âu Cơ began a lineage that still binds the people of the mountains to those who live by the sea. Here is the story of Lạc Long Quân, the legendary hero of Vietnam.

The first Vietnamese king

The story of Lạc Long Quân coincides with the creation myth of Vietnam – the bond formed between the immortal mountain fairies and the sea dragons. As the story goes, Lạc Long Quân’s mother was the daughter of the Dragon Lord of the Sea – she herself a dragon as well – while his father was the ruler of Xích Quỷ, otherwise known as the Land of the Red Demons (the people who lived south of the Yangtze river).

Because Lạc Long Quân’s father was a mountain god and his mother was a sea dragon, he is considered by many to be the first truly Vietnamese ruler. He was a Hùng King, the title given to rulers during the Hồng Bàng dynasty (2879–258 B