The Best Tailors in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Tailor Shop | © Caitlin Childs/Flickr
Hanoi Tailor Shop | © Caitlin Childs/Flickr
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3 September 2018

Getting a suit or a dress is a must-do activity in Vietnam, as the prices are extremely affordable and the tailors’ quality lives up to international standards. While Hoi An is known as the tailoring capital of the world, if it is not on your itinerary, you can still get something made up in Hanoi.

It’s not hard to find a tailor shop in Hanoi. There are many that line the streets of the Old Quarter, especially down Hang Gai street, which is known as the Silk Street. These stores also have fabric in stock but often do not have a wide variety of colors and patterns to please everyone. If you’re picky when it comes to fabric, then we suggest you grab your material outside.

Too many colors | © Joseph Nadler/Flickr

Head over to Cho Hom Market, where the second floor has a giant fabric display. To buy fabric, come with pictures of what you wish to get tailored, and the vendors will tell you what pattern is the best and how much of the fabric you will need. A yard of silk costs about 100,000 VND (4.46 USD), after bartering down. For dresses and skirts, you will most likely need one or two yards of material.

Once you have your fabric, head over to any of these tailor shops to get what you want done.

Kitonali Bespoke Tailoring

Kitonali Bespoke Tailoring, Hà Nội

For a touch of Savile Row in Hanoi, head over to Kitonali, one of the most well-known tailor shops in Hanoi. The prices here are slightly higher than your average Hanoi tailor, but the extra cost is worth the high-quality products that are made by an exceptionally skilled staff. The store is frequented by astute businessmen, entertainment celebrities, wedding grooms, and the like. There’s an excellent fabric selection on site, including wool, merino, cashmere, silk, and mohair. Brands include Dolce Taylor, Inizio, Marzoni, Dormeuil, Scabal, and Loro Piana.

A suit tailored here will cost you around 250–350 USD, depending on what material and style you choose. At Kitonali, you can even get a matching pair of handmade shoes and accessories to go with your outfit. After you get your first piece tailored, ask the staff to save your measurements. When you head home, you will undoubtedly want to assess your wardrobe and see what other updates you will need.

Minh Quang Bespoke Tailor

Quality | © Minh Quang Bespoke/Facebook

These guys are one of the oldest tailor shops in Hanoi. Minh Quang may be traditional, but that does not mean their quality is substandard. They’ve built up a popular brand for themselves and are often recommended online, on travel websites or by word-of-mouth on the street. Located centrally, this shop has an excellent selection of fabric spread out through its space. The attention to detail put into their work is exactly what it needs to be, and the fit is just right. Their tailoring process is straightforward with no hassle. A few days after your measurements are taken, you will be asked to come in for a fitting to make any changes necessary, and hours later, you will have a perfect item in your hands. A suit here starts around $780 USD, for a 100% wool/cashmere blend with two trousers to go with it.

On their website, you can browse around various pages and check their gallery for an idea of what can be made. Everything can be done online too!

Anh Village Silk

Anh Village Silk is a great alternative to Kitonali and Minh Quang if you have a low budget. You can get anything tailored here, from suits to ball gowns, simple summer dresses, or the elegant ao dai (Vietnamese national outfit). Despite being on the cheap end of the tailoring spectrum, you will have a beautifully crafted piece in your hands. There is nothing Mrs. Anh can ‘t do, and there’s a full display of her work in her shop. If you don’t have time to get anything tailored, then just opt for something off-the-rack. While you get your measurements taken, you will even see some of the workers busy sewing. Anyone who has gotten a piece made here has only good things to say, especially about the quality, as well as the friendly and fast service. Mrs. Anh will save your measurements, and you can get things made online and shipped directly to you.

Tan My Embroidery

Tan My Design | © Tan My/Facebook

Tan My is one of Hanoi’s oldest shops that produces embroidered goods. The mother of Huong, the owner of Tan My, used to embroider messages from loved ones on handkerchiefs given to soldiers who carried them in their pockets while fighting for the country in the Vietnam War. Tan My used to be a tiny shop in a narrow alley, and was the first on Hang Gai street to sell silk and embroidery. Eventually, the street became known as the Hanoi Silk Street. Over at Tan My, you can find handkerchiefs, scarves, clothing, bed linen, tablecloths, etc., all with beautifully intricate embroidery on them. You can choose traditional detailed patterns or newer trendy and stylish items with bright colors that add a touch of boldness to your life.

In addition to fabric and fashion, you will find household items and accessories such as lacquerware, art pieces, jewelry, and more. Over 500 skilled artisans work here, and they ensure that you purchase the finest quality work.

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