The Best Coffee Shops in Danang

Vietnamese Weasel Coffee | © Paul Galow/Flickr
Vietnamese Weasel Coffee | © Paul Galow/Flickr
Vietnam produces more metric tons of coffee than nearly any other nation. It’s no understatement to say that the Robusta bean has transformed the country, and not just as an economy building export. All along this mountainous stretch, coffee and cafe culture has become a way of life. In Danang, an exciting and booming central city, things are no different. These are our picks for the best cafes.

Cong Caphe

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Traditional Vietnamese Coffee
Traditional Vietnamese Coffee | © Yun Huang Yong/Flickr

This relaxed and trendy joint serves up both traditional Vietnamese coffee and new age spins all day long. Located on the always popular Bach Dang street, the cafe can get a bit crowded during peak hours and seating can be tough to find. However, with such a great vibe and splendid views of the river and bridges, this shouldn’t be surprising in the least.

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Long Cafe

Cafe, Contemporary, Vietnamese, Coffee
Vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese coffee | © Pxhere

In Danang, for generations of locals, Long Cafe is a slice of home. This friendly, airy establishment has been serving up some of the best coffee in the city for more than 25 years. Patrons sit on eight or 10-inch stools crammed in next to each other so everyone becomes good friends in a hurry.

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Moc Mien Garden Cafe

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Contemporary, Coffee, $$$
Ca Phe Sua Da
Ca Phe Sua Da | © Clarin/WikiCommons

In Vietnam’s cities, nature can be tough to come by. That’s not the case at Moc Mien. In Danang, this is one of the best places to kick your feet up and unwind. The coffee is great, yet it’s almost second fiddle to the flowering trees, burbling pond and atmospheric terrace. It’s one environment sure to put you at ease.

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Pho Xua

Cafe, Coffee Shop, Contemporary, Vietnamese, $$$
Vietnamese food and coffee
Vietnamese food and coffee | © Kasman/Pixabay

Pho Xua is a bit of a cafe, a bit of a restaurant, and a bit of an ancient temple. The amiable staff at this establishment serve up some of the richest iced-coffee in Danang, as well as traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The decor is tasteful and well done, making for an all-round great time.

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Danang 1975

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Colorful patio
Colorful patio | © Pxhere

Hip and inviting, Danang 1975 is a great alternative to the better known coffee shops in the city that can get more than a little busy. It’s a bit of Brooklyn, yet somehow purely Vietnamese. A lively, well-lit facade greets guests wandering by and strong coffee and delicious desserts keep them coming back for more. A nice front patio has plenty of seating and makes a nice place to relax with friends.

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