Where To Try Durian Fruit in Bangkok, Thailand

Durian Fruit Cut Open | © Nicholas Chan / Flickr
Durian Fruit Cut Open | © Nicholas Chan / Flickr
Photo of Kelly Iverson
5 June 2018

The reviews are out, and durian is in. While many have never tasted this intimidating fruit, foreigners and Thais alike have attested that, regardless of its putrid smell, durian is, as they say, the king of the fruits. Do not knock it until you try it! Find out for yourself by making your way to one of the places around Bangkok that sell this notorious fruit.


Chinatown, and more specifically Yaowarat Road, is loaded with carts and vendors selling a cornucopia of fruits, with durian in abundance. Durian is almost impossible to miss. It’s yellow and spiky exterior is sure to catch your eye long before you ever smell it. Durian is so smelly, in fact, that it is banned in many hotels, public areas, and different forms of transportation. The best time to eat durian is when it is in season from April to August.

Durian | © Pixabay

Or Tor Kor

We’ve seen our fair share of outdoor food markets in Thailand. From chicken feet to lively seafood, nothing surprises us anymore. Or Tor Kor in Bangkok, however, really outdid itself. Regarded as one of the largest fresh markets in the world, it is no wonder that visitors would come here to find and taste this gaudy, yellow fruit. The market is open daily, and it is brimming with fresh produce, seafood, and, of course, durian. Or Tor Kor is a bit more scenic in comparison to the many food markets located around the city, so be sure to head that way to explore and take photographs of your durian conquest.

Durian | © Andrij Bulba/Flickr

Convenience Stores

From the 7/11 convenience stores on every street corner to the large, red, Big C grocery stores found all over the city, those hoping to devour one of the many variations of durian have many places to choose from. Durian can be purchased packaged, mixed inside of a pastry, or found in chip form.

Durian: A formidable foe | © Douglas LeMoine/Flickr


Located inside the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is IceDEA. This ice cream shop offers its customers so much more than just desserts, with strange, thought-provoking ice cream flavors including steak, mushroom, and even cigarette. This is a great place to get an introductory taste of durian because of its less intimidating ice cream flavor.

Durian | © Pixabay

The Streets of Bangkok

The last and seemingly most abundant place to find durian is on the streets of Bangkok – and we mean every street. From a random side soi to the massive Sukhumvit Road, the streets of Bangkok are teeming with the king of fruits. One important thing to note is that those who devour durian fruit cannot drink alcohol. Durian heats your body up, and combining this potent fruit with the even more potent drink is not good for your blood pressure, and it can even kill those who indulge too much of either simultaneously.

Durian | © Gary Stevens/Flickr

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