Where to Buy Thai Silk in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Beautiful Thai Silk | © Brian Jeffery Beggerly/Flickr
Beautiful Thai Silk | © Brian Jeffery Beggerly/Flickr
Photo of Iona Proebst
4 January 2018

Chiang Mai is the arts and culture hub of Thailand and is home of the famous Thai silk. Read on the find out where to buy beautiful Thai silk in the ancient Lanna capital of Chiang Mai.

Studio Naenna

Studio Naenna specializes in ethical fashion and eco-textiles. With a dedication to preserving Lanna heritage and traditional craftsmanship, Studio Naenna is one of the most authentic places to buy Thai silk. As well as their signature indigo dye products, Studio Naenna also have a stunningly beautiful selection of Thai Silk scarves, shawls and home decor items. Studio Naenna has a shop in the trendy Nimmanheimen area and the main gallery, office and showroom a little further north at the base of the Suthep Mountain. The Studio Naenna team also offer hands-on workshops where you can learn about their generations-old dying processes.

Thai Silk Village

The Thai Silk Village sell a number of beautifully crafted Thai silk shawls and scarfs, including traditional Thai silk shawls with intricate Lanna prints. Visit the village to explore the production processes and to get some excellent bargains. Silk skincare products are also available.

Chiang Mai Sunday Market (Walking Street)

There are two types of Thai silk: rough weave and smooth weave. Smooth Thai silk is luxurious and delicate and made in to clothing, accessories and home decor items, whereas rough silk is generally used for blankets, curtains and other sturdier items. Both types of Thai silk can be found at the Sunday Market in Chiang Mai. Vendors will often display a sign to indicate whether their product is 100% silk.

Chiang Mai’s famous Sunday Walking Street Market | © Filipe Fortes/Flickr

Tita Gallery

Tita Gallery offers a fun day out. This art gallery has local artisan products and artworks on display, a shop and a cafe selling delicious organic hill tribe coffee. The onsite shop sells beautiful Thai silk items along with a host of other stunning handmade textiles and homeware items. The beautiful space is easily explored over a few hours, or longer if there happens to be an event or workshop on.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

In need of a last-minute gift or souvenir? The Night Bazaar is a great place to pick up uniquely Thai gifts along with cheap knock-off items. Head to the local market section by Boy Blues bar to find silk scarfs, shawls and pillowcases, which make ideal gifts and are also easy to transport.

Beautiful Thai silk on Sale | © shankar s./Flickr

Sop Moei Arts

Sop Moei Arts is a non-profit organisation that focuses on income-generation opportunities for marginalized communities in Mae Hong Son. Each item is handwoven by local Pwo Karen community members using age-old techniques. Sop Moei Arts have a shop in central Chiang Mai selling traditional handmade textiles and homeware.

Karen hill tribe girl, Mae Hong Son | © Mark Lehmkuhler/Flickr

Shinawatra Thai Silk

Shinawatra Thai Silk was established in 1911 by the Shinawatra family, and is the oldest silk factory in Thailand. En route to the famous Bor Sang umbrella village in San Kampaeng is the Shinawatra Thai Silk Showroom, a brilliant chance to learn more about the process of making Thai silk–and of course, plenty of beautiful Thai silk items to buy.

Reels of silk | © ckmck/Flickr