What They’re Listening To In Thailand In Autumn 2016

Thailande-8 | © Courtesy of Thomas sauzedde/Flickr
Thailande-8 | © Courtesy of Thomas sauzedde/Flickr
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Updated: 28 September 2016
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Bangkok is the perfect stomping ground for up-and-coming artists. With plenty of venues to perform in, the City of Angels makes it possible for artists to really make a name for themselves. After digging through Thailand’s top hits lists and upcoming performances, here are the top eight bands and artists you should look out for this season.


Cocktail was formed in 2002. This contemporary band is from Bangkok, and has been making top single charts throughout Thailand. This week on Sanook Radio, two of Cocktail’s songs came in at number two and number three. Both songs are from different albums, as well.


The Chiang Mai synth-pop band, Polycat, was founded on October 1, 2011. Many of you might recognize this band from the wedding scene in The Hangover 2, starring big names such as Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis. The name Polycat stemmed from their love for cats. Poly was the model name of their old synthesizer. Combining the two, this band is certainly climbing up the ranks of Thailand’s music scene. Polycat incorporates everything from a saxophone to a trumpet in their instrument line-up.

Pang Nakarin

This rock artist’s newest album was released July 21, 2016. Pang Nakarin has already been making some top charts in Thailand with one of its most popular songs, Kon Mee Sanay. The song is rather cruel in the beginning. The singer describes a girl he finds less than appealing, even going so far as to insult how she looks. As the song progresses, however, he describes her as charming, cute, and gentle.

Season Five

This all male, a cappella hybrid formed on September 1, 2010. Season Five combines the unique voices of four young men, each contributing a new and different sound than the next. The band produces under Me Records. Season Five will be performing on Sunday, December 11th at the Big Mountain Music Festival in Phetchaburi.

Da Endorphine

Da Endorphine is originally from Bangkok, and is one of the most successful female artists in Thailand. With multiple music industry awards under her belt (five national awards alone in 2010), she is certainly one of the best female artists currently around. She is also one of the judges on one of Thailand’s most popular television series, The Voice Thailand. Go team Da!

The Jukks

The Jukks are an alternative band, originating from Bangkok. The Jukks do not need many people, or instruments, to create their noteworthy sound. With only three band members, playing the guitar, drums, and bass, this band is anything but bland. The Jukks often play at venues around Bangkok, and they even just had a show with Polycat on September 22, 2016.

Sukhumvit 66

Sukhumvit 66 derives its name from one of the most popular restaurants in Bangkok, Fattory Food & Drink by Park2Bar. The restaurant serves up a wide array of food, and, apparently, a great deal of inspiration. It was here that Sukhumvit 66 started to share their passion for music, and since Fattory is located on Sukhumvit 66, they dubbed themselves this. The band has a total of five male members, each rocking out on an instrument of their own. Bands such as Danger Radio and Maroon 5 inspire them.


This rock band from Bangkok was born in 2005. Lomosonic creates emotional, moving hits that keep their fans coming back for more. Lomosonic has headlined in major music festivals, and they plan on launching their third album sometime in 2017. Be on the lookout for their new music, coming soon.

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