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Green living in the urban centre
Green living in the urban centre | © Bangkok Tree House
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Urban Escape: Staying at a Treehouse Hotel in Bangkok

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Updated: 17 April 2017
Bangkok is not the most conducive city for a green environment. Its urban décor almost always overshadows the few parks and green spaces found around the city, with its smog-ridden air and polluted streets certainly not helping the cause. However, environmentally friendly visitors of Bangkok will be pleased to hear that there is one hotel considered to be the most responsible accommodation option in the city: Bangkok Tree House. Here is everything you need to know about this green hotel.
Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree House

Accommodation does not get more green than the Bangkok Tree House. From energy efficient lighting to line-dried laundry, this hotel is utilizing every environmentally friendly trick in the book to ensure that their guests’ stay is not only memorable but also incredibly eco-friendly.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok Tree House sits on the artificial island of Bang Krachao, otherwise known as the green lung of Bangkok. The island received this name because of its odd shape as well as the getaway vibe with which it provides visitors. Instead of car-ridden streets, visitors of this island, found on the Chao Phraya River, will instead find a number of cycling paths. The island is not even reachable by car; instead, hotel guests must make their way by boat. The hotel is also home to a delicious restaurant serving up a variety of international and Western cuisine, with vegan dishes available upon request.

The rooms

In addition to having a sustainable stay in an otherwise less than eco-friendly city, guests will be pleased to know that each room is designed and decorated impeccably, many equipped with stunning views of the island.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House

The room with the best view is the “view with a room.” That is literally the name of the type of room, and guests who book this unique space will find themselves sleeping directly under Bangkok’s sky, without a ceiling in sight. This accommodation option, located over 20 feet (six meters) in the air, is simply breathtaking. It is made up almost entirely of bamboo, with matching floors and railing and nothing but foliage acting as the bedroom’s walls. The room also includes a free cell phone with a local Thai number as well as a complimentary breakfast.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House | © Bangkok Tree House


There are quite a few ways in which the Bangkok Tree House promotes ecotourism, with eco-friendly designs found throughout the hotel. Bangkok Tree House is smoke-free, and the kitchen uses carbon-free cooking supplies.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House

The hotel even went as far as to hire local Thais who live within walking distance of their unique hotel. For every booking the hotel receives, a member of their staff will remove one kilogram of trash from the river as well. The list goes on and on as to how this hotel is ensuring guests the most sustainable and responsible stay in the City of Angels.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House

Should you stay here

While the Bangkok Tree House is surely a hippie’s dream accommodation option, this outdoor hotel is certainly not for everyone. For one, the island of Bang Krachao sits some six miles (9.7 kilometers) from downtown Bangkok, which may not seem like an exhausting trek to the city center; however, those visitors hoping to experience the thriving capital to its fullest may want to stay elsewhere. Being that the hotel is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, Bangkok Tree House does not use any sort of chemical to rid the area of bugs or mosquitos, so be sure to bring bug spray.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House


The hotel features four different room types: the treetop nest, the bee hive, the “view with a room,” and the family nest. Each room varies in price depending on what time of the year it is. Those who spend at least four consecutive nights at the hotel, however, receive a 15% discount. The treetop nests cost anywhere from ฿3,900–5,590 (approximately US$114–163). The bee hive rooms range from ฿4,750–6,590 (approx. US$138–192). The “view with a room” ranges from ฿5,600–7,590 (approx. US$163–221). The last and most expensive option is the family nest room, which starts at ฿7,300 (approx. US$213) and can cost up to ฿9,590 (approx. US$279). There is also a river nest accommodation option available, which is a bed that actually floats on the Chao Phraya River. It is currently under renovation, however.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House

While these prices may seem steep, all of them include a number of noteworthy amenities. For one, guests are welcome to help themselves to free ice cream available all day and night, which is especially helpful considering air conditioning is only available in some of the rooms.

The second and most noteworthy thing included is the free bicycle that each guest can use to explore the island. Indeed, Bang Krachao is one of the best places in the city to cycle. The trails are lined with lush vegetation, including coconut trees and papaya groves, making for some stunning views as guests make their way around the lung-shaped island. There is also a floating market, plenty of temples, and a quaint park that guests can cycle to and explore.

Courtesy of Bangkok Tree House