These Videos Prove That Thai Commercials Are the Best in the World

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Thai commercials are the best | wrckamkaew / Pixabay</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Thai commercials are the best | wrckamkaew / Pixabay</a>
Photo of Kelly Iverson
26 July 2017

Advertisements do not get much more theatrical than in Thailand, where actors take a simple facial expression and dramatize it to the point of comedy. These videos prove that Thai commercials are the best in the world.

Peppermint Field Inhaler

Thai commercials are oftentimes so dramatized that understanding what the advertisement is actually for can be difficult. A perfect example of this is the commercial below. Try to figure out what the advertisement is for before getting to 3:53 in the video. (The original commercial is much longer, as well.)

Wai Wai Instant Noodle

While many can connect with suffering through one too many bowls of instant noodles when budgets are tight; however, this commercial, which uses women to portray the noodle’s thickness (much like having a celebrity down a cheeseburger on an expensive car), is just plain strange. This is one of the most peculiar commercials viewers have laid eyes on.


If only shopping for home appliances was this fun. Imagine a world in which no one has to leave their home to do home renovations and entire makeovers takes a few seconds. With a slogan like, “Too cheap to think,” HomePro is sure to attract some less-than-motivated home renovators with this hilarious advertisement. Be sure to watch until the end for the yelling.

Bar-B-Q Plaza

Running into a previous significant other is never a fun ordeal. While boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, Bar-B-Q Plaza’s message is clear: deliciousness stays. Diners can certainly date their way through life, but Bar-B-Q Plaza promises to always have tasty food for couples and singles to enjoy.

Huawei Honor 3C

In a generation where selfies are more common than group photos, people are more concerned than ever with taking a picture of themselves in a memorable place rather than the place itself. Cell phones have been tailoring their cameras (and advertisements) to the selfie-obsessed. This Huawei Honor 3C commercial, however, turns something as innocent as a selfie into something absolutely cringe-worthy.


Those who have ever pulled a 12-hour work day can certainly relate to the poor guy in this scotch commercial. The cure for one too many hours of work and not enough sleep? Apparently this small drink: the antidote for workaholics.

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