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These Spirit Houses In Thailand May Save Your Life

Picture of Mariam Gabaji
Commissioning Editor
Updated: 16 May 2018
For all those familiar with Thailand’s culture, it’ll come as no surprise that the shrines dotted all over the country play a big role in everyday life. Spirit houses, the most common kind out of these, are often located in prominent spots outside homes, business establishments, hotel fronts, bars or even forests.

These structures help honour the guardians of the land and the locals in turn pray and make offerings (a popular one being red Fanta!) to ensure that the spirits are kept appeased. This, in essence, assumes the act of reaping what you sow – if people make sure to look after the the spirit, this, in turn, will bring them prosperity and good fortune.

If you are visiting a spirit house that is not the size of a mini doll’s house, make sure to enter barefoot and in silence as a sign of respect to the spirit that dwells there.