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The Best Markets In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Picture of Lena Blos
Lena Blos
Updated: 9 February 2017
Thailand boasts a variety of exciting markets, but few are as intriguing and diverse as the markets in Chiang Mai, located in Thailands Northern region. Few are the things you won’t be able to find at its numerous markets. They offer everything from fresh fruits to hand made trinkets and clothing. Here is our list of Chiang Mai’s best markets.

Sunday Market

Chiang Mai’s Sunday Market extends all the way from Tha Pae Gate through Ratchadamnoen Road and is filled with handcrafted artefacts by local vendors, as well as all sorts of authentic trinkets. Artists and musicians add to the magical atmosphere with their outstanding performances every Sunday evening. Tha Pae Gate and the Wat Sum Pow temple, located at the intersection of Rachadamnoen Road and Ratpakinai Road, are filled with a wide range of restaurants and food stalls, offering different types of dishes from sushi and noodles to pancakes and sausages. The dazzling Sunday Market and its handmade products are an absolute must for any visitor, and a welcome change from some of the more touristic markets.

Address: Rachadamnoen Rd, Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Saturday Market

The Wualai Walking Street Market takes place every Saturday opposite Chiang Mai Gate. Similar to the Sunday Market, Wualai offers a range of handcrafted goods from woodwork to ornaments and artwork. A variety of silverware shops can be found on this street, which offer skillfully crafted ornaments and statues. A side street square is filled with food stalls where visitors can take a break from the bustling market. Wualai is not nearly as crowded as the Sunday Market, but no less impressive in its range of products. The laid-back atmosphere makes for a more leisurely stroll around the area while marveling at the original goods on offer.

Address: Wualai Road (Near Chiang Mai Gate), Chiang Mai, Thailand

Warorot Market

Warorot Market, also called ‘Khad Luang’, is one of Chiang Mai’s oldest and most popular markets and an essential destination for food lovers. It is located in a multistory building and extends all the way into the street and surrounding area. The upper floors are dedicated to clothing and merchandise, while food stalls are located on the ground. The market is renowned for its extensive offer of Thai snacks and dishes with a variety of Northern specialties. Outside the building visitors can find fresh fruits and vegetables stalls. Warorot Market is particularly popular with the local population and offers an authentic insight into the Thai lifestyle.

Address: Chang Khlan, Muang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

Sompet Market

This food market is located in Chiang Mai’s busy bag packer area, not far from Chiang Mai Gate. It mainly offers food as well as fresh fruits and vegetables and is a favorite. Due to its central location, it is the ideal spot to experience an authentic Thai market within the confines of the more touristy area. Next to its fresh food a variety of stalls offer hot dishes, tasty snacks and healthy smoothies. The visitor can get a taste of the traditional Northern Lanna cuisine or venture to one of the many Thai and international restaurants close by. Sompet Market is the ideal place for fresh and seasonal products.

Address: Soi 6, Th Moon Muang, Chiang Mai 50000 Thailand

JJ Market

JJ is located north of the old city on Assadathon Road and the modern market offers a range of goods and dishes. Inside the different buildings, visitors can find a variety of antique shops which sell everything from furniture to statues and spirit houses. The stylish arrays of handcrafted products make this market extremely popular with collector and hobby designers alike. The surrounding area is filled with restaurants and bars which are extremely popular with locals. JJ Markets tranquil atmosphere and its authentic goods make it an intriguing destination for any Chiang Mai visitor.

Muang Mai Market

Muang Mai Market is probably the best wholesale market in the city and its range of fresh products is not only impressive but also mouthwatering. Both quality and prices are excellent with most goods costing only a few dollars. It is located on the north eastern part of the old city and consist of a variety of stalls and tables laden with colorful fruits and vegetables. Additionally you can find meat and fish vendors or offers of fresh herbs and curry pastes. It’s hard to beat Muang Mai’s range of tasty and fresh products, high standards and reasonable prices.

Address: Witchayanon and Mueang Samut Road, Chang Moi, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Night Bazaar

The Night Bazaar is probably the city’s best known market and one of its main nighttime attractions. The stalls sell typical touristic trinkets, clothing and other knick-knacks. As it is a popular tourist destination, it is important to get your bargaining skills up to scratch as vendors will most certainly bump up their prices. Nevertheless it is worth checking out one of Chiang Mai’s busiest markets and the surrounding area which is filled with international and Thai restaurants. From jewelry to handcrafted products to CD’s and portraits, there are few things you won’t be able to find in the bustling streets of the Night Bazaar.

Address: 104-1 Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai,Thailand

Chang Puak Gate Market

The Chang Puak food market comes to life in the evening and the square quickly fills up with local food stalls, selling a wide range of tasty Thai dishes. Considered one of the best street food markets in the city, the dishes come at incredibly cheap prices and adhere to truly authentic Thai cooking. From fresh fruit juices to noodle soup and fried rises dishes, you can take your pick from the numerous food stalls, most of which have set up a small seating area. Opposite the square, you can find a daytime market which sells a range of food products as well as snacks. If you wish to blend in with the local crowd, Chang Puak is the ideal destination.