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Chatuchak Bangkok Thailand ©Jirka Matousek
Chatuchak Bangkok Thailand ©Jirka Matousek

The Best Brunch Spots In Chatuchak, Bangkok

Picture of Naintara Gurung
Updated: 8 November 2016
With richly scented lanes, a diverse assembly of traditional stores and crowded by a throng of visitors, Chatuchak is a popular area of Bangkok. It provides a convenient getaway from the city center, attracting many families to enjoy the local cuisine, may it be in the form of a breakfast, lunch, or a cup of herbal tea in the evening. Whether you’re craving crab cakes or a sweet delicacy like the coconut ice cream, we bring you the best places for a morning bite in Chatuchak.



You might plan to spend your morning shopping in the streets of Chatuchak, but if you’re getting hungry for brunch, an ideal place to go is the Toh-Plue, an restuarant that provides a traditional Thai menu. While the alleyways in the area might seem confusing, you can find this restaurant in the 27th section. Some of the best dishes to order are the fried fish with mango and the Pork neck salad. Both dishes will satisfy your morning hunger with their intense flavors. 


Address and telephone number: 64 Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand, +66-2272 5712

Triple D Bakery

Visiting 8000 stalls laid out on a 35 acre expanse might seem like a daunting task, Chatuchak Weekend Market demands time and curiosity from travelers. On your way around the many stalls, if you’re lucky you’ll come across the Triple D Bakery, which has become a regular hangout place for most youngsters in the area. The bakery, located in Section 4, has a sweet ambiance, delivering a fresh batch of baked goodies every morning. Even if you have missed your breakfast, the bakery lets you savor crunchy doughnuts, sesame bread and coolers throughout the day. 


Address and telephone number: 4 Soi 48, Kamphaeng Phet 3 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand, +66-2972 7200

Oishi Ramen

A meal that has become a common mid-day treat for many in Chatuchak is Ramen, noodles served in a hot, spicy broth. Take your pick at Oishi Ramen, a splendid restaurant that serves a range of Japanese noodles mixed in a variety of unique broths. Characterized by its rustic décor, it welcomes a large crowd of customers every day, mainly consisting of school-going kids and students. The dried prune is a delicious treat that you can always pair up with a hot bowl of vegetarian noodles and Chicken gyoza. 


Address and telephone number: 1st Floor, Union Mall, 54 Lat Phrao Rd, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand, +66-2939 3823

Vegetarian Cottage

Featuring a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian menu, this restaurant is located in a scenic setting and is an excellent place to grab a quick bite especially if you like healthy eating. With an old English countryside vibe, the Vegetarian Cottage can accommodate around 180-200 visitors. This restaurant introduces a number of meat alternatives like the Soy bean curry, and it has become a popular venue for holding different events. 


Address and telephone number: 41/19 Soi 16/21, Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd., Chatuchak, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand, +66-2691 5083 

Espresso Gallery

The Espresso Gallery is a great place to have a good conversation with a friend as you enjoy a bite to eat. The café maintains a serene ambiance on weekdays and a lively atmosphere on weekends, providing customers with freshly baked goods. The Espresso Gallery is a popular brunch spot, come and enjoy their scrambled eggs and bacon. 


Address and telephone number: 296/562 Ladprao Rd. Jompol, Jatujak Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand 10900+66-2938 4878