The 10 Most Beautiful Natural Sights in Singburi Province, Thailand

Trees growing around the brick walls of Wat Sai, Singburi
Trees growing around the brick walls of Wat Sai, Singburi | © nattapan72 / Shutterstock
Once you’ve visited the many temples of Thailand’s ‘Spiritual Heartland’ take some time out to relax in one of Singburi’s natural areas. While the relatively flat province doesn’t boast the national parks, mountains, and beaches of other more-visited parts of the country, it offers numerous places to enjoy the great outdoors.

Mae La Maha Rachanuson Park

Mae La Maha Rachanuson Park is primarily located in Singburi’s district of Bang Rachan, though parts also extend into Inburi. Mae La is the name of a river that runs through the area, and the surrounding Mae La Maha Rachanusonn Park was created to protect the river, a major habitat for the province’s famous fish. The clear waters of the Mae La river are home to many snakehead fish, which are used to create the local delicacy of pla chon Mae La. Lone fishermen bob in small boats along the river and verdant rice fields sit either side of the waterway. Walking trails can be found in the quiet and scenic area and there are play areas for kids.

Scenery at Mae La Maha Rachanuson Park © Sarah Williams

Bang Rachan Heroes Monument

Although most people visit the Bang Rachan Heroes Monument to pay their respects to the Lion City’s great heroes, the site also has a pleasant park that is perfect for relaxing in the sunshine. There are also plenty of trees if you prefer the shade. Birds skim the water’s surface and dragonflies hover over the pond, the sounds of whirring and clacking insects fill the air, colourful flowers punctuate the greenery of the grass, and the atmosphere is overall one of peacefulness. There are often a handful of refreshment carts in the main car park if you want a drink, snack, or ice cream.

Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River, one of Thailand’s major waterways, passes through Singburi on its way to the Gulf of Thailand. A wide footpath follows the river’s edge in town, providing a popular exercise and leisure spot for locals; it’s common to see people jogging, walking, and chatting in the early morning or late afternoon when the temperatures are cooler. In the dry season, the river recedes enough to uncover several sandy patches, affectionately referred to locally as beaches. People head to the waterside sands to relax and enjoy the views.

The Chao Phraya River in Singburi, Thailand © Sarah Williams

Rice fields

Singburi is home to lots of prime farming land, so it’s little surprise that lush rice paddies can be found just a short way out of the town centre; drive in any direction for a few minutes and you’re sure to quickly find yourself next to rice fields! Although the fields are private property, and you shouldn’t wander aimlessly through agricultural land as you may damage the crops, there are many areas where small dirt tracks run between fields. These can be explored by foot or by scooter for an immersion in beautiful pastoral land. Behind Lotus supermarket is an easy place to quickly find yourself in nature. Follow the paved tracks and admire the views, with small homes, banana trees, and vibrant ratchaphruek trees dotted along the way.

Thong Sam Si Rose Apple Orchard

Thong Sam Si Rose Apple Orchard, located in Tha Chang District, is another place to appreciate Thai farming, nature, and views. Although the orchard sees few international visitors, it is open to the public. Visitors can buy fresh fruit to take away with them or taste delicious fruit that has only just been picked. Although the orchard mainly grows rose apple trees you’ll also come across lychees and wild mangosteens. The orchards also attract an array of insects and butterflies.

Thai rose apples © suanpa / Pixabay

Burmese Mounds

A Promburi site that combines history and nature, the long mounds, known as the Burmese Mounds, are thought to have been built by Burmese invaders during the Ayutthaya era. It is believed that Burmese troops created the mounds as part of their camp. While little evidence remains today, save for the actual L-shaped hillocks, the area has been turned into a pretty public park.

Wat Na Phrathat

The ancient pagoda of Singburi’s Wat Na Phrathat is believed to date back to the Khmer Kingdom and later repaired and altered during the Ayutthaya period. One of the province’s oldest historic sites, it is thought to stand at the spot that marked the heart of ancient Singburi. A peaceful and tranquil place, you can sit on a low wall and soak up the serenity. Overgrown grass, trees, and flowers surround the ruins and there is little to disturb the sound of bird song and insects. It’s a pleasant place to enjoy peace and quiet, at one with nature and amid history.

Wat Na Phrathat, Singburi: where nature and ruins meet © Sarah Williams

Kho Sai Community Garden

The attractive Kho Sai Community Garden boasts several varieties of flowers, trees, and plants in a peaceful setting. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs add to the pretty picture. There are places to sit in the shade of overhanging tree branches if the glare of the sun becomes too much. There’s an organic farm nearby too, something of a rarity in the Land of Smiles. The community garden is in Khai Bang Rachan.

Wat Sai

An ancient temple in Inburi, Wat Sai is another beautiful spot where history and nature meet. The small ruined temple sits in a picturesque location alongside the Chao Phraya River. You may spot small fishing boats on the water and birds flying overhead. The building, although now roofless and with crumbling walls, is impressive because of its battle with nature. Trees are trying to crush and smother the structure, with large roots disrupting the ground, branches clinging to the walls, and hanging tendrils that have worked their way between the bricks.

Trees growing around the brick walls of Wat Sai, Singburi © nattapan72 / Shutterstock

Kiti Park

Close to Singburi town, Kiti Park is a small public park with a grassed area that is perfect for walking, relaxing, ball games, and exercising. The grass is surrounded by various trees and bushes, and there are pretty and fragrant blooms, depending on the time of year. Its tucked-away location at the end of a dead-end street means that it sees few visitors. Those in the know, however, enjoy coming here for some peaceful time and play.