The 10 Best Restaurants in Hua Hin

Hua Hin |© aotaro / Flickr
Hua Hin |© aotaro / Flickr
Located not too far from Bangkok, the seaside town of Hua Hin is a popular destination for those traveling throughout the country and is quite often their first taste of life by the beach. With so many tourists from around the world flocking to its shores, there’s a rich and diverse food scene in the town, from quirky modern cafés to the more traditional Thai restaurants. If you’re in the area, these are the ten restaurants that you’ll want to check out.

Sea Harmony Eco Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Thai, Fusion, Vegetarian, Asian, $$$

With home grown organic vegetables and locally sourced ingredients present in their dishes, Sea Harmony Eco Cafe is perfect for travelers who want something that’s sustainable as well as delicious. Your Thai favorites can be found here, lovingly prepared and presented as though they were art.

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Andrea's Italian Bar and Grill

Restaurant, Wine Bar, Italian, Fast Food, Vegetarian, Seafood, $$$

An authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Hua Hin, Andrea’s has a fantastic reputation due to its high-quality, imported ingredients and dishes that are painstakingly cooked by a chef with plenty of experience. With an impressive wine list and extensive food menu serving Italian classics, there’s little wonder it’s so highly recommended.

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Let's Sea

Restaurant, Thai, Italian
Let's Sea
Let's Sea | Let's Sea

Few restaurants around the world boast better views than Let’s Sea’s beachfront sea view. With a mix of international and Thai cuisine available, Let’s Sea offers high-quality cuisine in a high-quality location, with comfortable sofas and a palm tree-lined beach, adding that extra touch of luxury you deserve.

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Hua Hin Vegan Cafe & Wine

Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Thai, Asian, Vegan, Vegetarian

Whether you’re vegan or not, everyone can appreciate the delicious taste of the dishes at this restaurant. Being vegan in Thailand is not easy, yet here it’s perfected to a masterful level, with dishes from both Thailand and around the world served with a clear conscience.

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Railway Restaurant at Centara Beach Resort

Restaurant, Thai, French, European

The fancy, English colonial-style building that houses this restaurant sets the bar high when it comes to expectations, yet the Railway never fails to disappoint. With polite and attentive staff on hand, diners can enjoy high-quality Thai and European cuisine, with their French buffet and prime ribs particular delights.

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Cicada Market

Market, Food Stall, Thai

Located in the heart of Hua Hin, Cicada Market is a classic Thai market offering shopping, drinking, and, of course, food. With a dedicated food area and a large selection of dishes to enjoy, the low cost of the meals ensures you’ll be able to sample a wide range of dishes and might come away with a new favorite.

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Inu Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Thai, Fusion

While cat cafés are popping up around the globe, Hua Hin has taken things one step further. Inu Cafe—named after the Shiba Inu breed of dog—features a number of friendly dogs that are more than happy to keep you company as you enjoy your meal. The food is good and the dogs are friendly—what more could you want?

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Restaurant, Thai, Asian, Vegetarian

Set in the heart of the Old Fisherman’s Town, Orchids provides a nice atmosphere in which to enjoy delicious Thai food, and that’s exactly what’s served in this restaurant. Featuring all your Thai favorites, Orchid is a great restaurant with high-quality food that’s enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike, in a room with quaint and traditional décor.

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1d+ Day Artist

Cafe, Restaurant, Thai, Asian, Fusion, $$$

As much an artistic concept as it is a restaurant, 1d+ Day Artist is an incredibly hip restaurant that’s the brainchild of local designers—and it shows. With three sections—a restaurant, a café, and a garden with teepees, its minimalist, modern aesthetic is juxtaposed by the traditional Thai food it serves—but boy, does it work.

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Koti Restaurant

Restaurant, Thai, $$$

From the outside it might not seem like much, but you should never judge a book by its cover. It’s unfancy and unpretentious, and sure, the plates won’t always match—but the food is out of this world. More often than not you’ll see Thais standing, waiting for a table to be free so they can sit down and enjoy the food here—and if that isn’t a sign that a restaurant is worth checking out, then what it?

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