Bangkok's Airplane Graveyard Doubles As A Home

At first glance, this derelict field of old, abandoned airplane parts looks nothing more than spooky. Wreckage litters the gravel-covered field in its entirety, with nothing but a handful of apartment buildings acting as its backdrop. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll find that this airplane boneyard doubles as a home. Here’s a look at Bangkok’s airplane graveyard in a stunning photo series.

An ancient Boeing 747 takes up most of the yard, with parts seemingly melting off its body in Bangkok’s heat.

The lot is home to a few smaller planes, severed airplanes wings, and other pieces of debris.

Airplane boneyards, or airplane graveyards, are storage areas for planes that have retired, and many of their parts are taken to be either reused or sold.

A small hole with a thin, metal ladder in the Boeing 747 allows just enough space to climb through its uncanny opening, where more airplane parts have been left behind.

The families that live here charge visitors an entrance fee of ฿150 (about $4) to receive access to the lot in Ramkhamhaeng, a neighborhood in eastern Bangkok.

The otherwise homeless families, of which there are three, claim the lot as their home. Looking around the plane wreckage you can find hints of their life here.

Many people dream of hopping on an airplane and jetting off across the world, but for the families that live in the airplane graveyard, being in this aircraft has an entirely different meaning … it is a way in which to survive.

These decommissioned aircraft that double as family homes need a lot more than a tune up to ever again leave the Ramkhamhaeng lot, where they have been left to rot.

Relics of an operable, maybe even comfortable flight remain in the abandoned plane.

Much of the exterior of the airplanes are covered in graffiti.

You never know what you’re going to come across in Bangkok’s airplane graveyard.