12 Amazing Apps for Backpackers in Thailand

iPhone 6S in black and white  | © Courtesy of freestocks.org/Flickr
iPhone 6S in black and white | © Courtesy of freestocks.org/Flickr
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27 June 2018

The largest city in Thailand is filled with the best food, culture, and one too many opportunities for fun. To get the most out of this city, try using a number of different apps which make exploring the City of Angels that much easier. Here are the top apps you’ll need before heading to Bangkok.


Now that Uber has packed up and left Southeast Asia, the pick-up service app Grab, makes getting around Thailand’s cities quick, painless, and affordable. With Grab, riders are given a number of different vehicle options to choose from, including a taxi, car, or a vehicle that can accommodate up to seven people. In addition to rides, Grab also has the feature Grab Bike, which is a delivery service. Whatever it is you need, a driver on Grab Bike can get it for you.

Bangkok Traffic | © Courtesy of Ronald Tagra/Flickr

Thai By Nemo

Regardless of the length of stay, visitors to Thailand should arm themselves with a few words in its native tongue. From ‘how much?’ to ‘I’m single,’ knowing a few words in Thai will certainly come in handy and allow visitors to immerse themselves in the culture more flawlessly. That’s where Thai By Nemo comes in. Users can set daily language goals for themselves with the convenient Words For Today feature. The language is also broken into different categories based on what it is users want to learn, including Essential Phrases, Basic Questions, and for those who are less motivated, If You Only Learn 10 Things.

Food Panda

Bangkok’s nightlife is thriving, luring visitors out until the early hours of the morning. The result of this colorful nightlife is an equally as intense hangover. When this happens, turn to Food Panda. This app allows users to eat an abundance of food to their heart’s content without ever having to leave the comfort of their accommodation. This delivery app has a number of different restaurants to choose from, including Indian, Thai, vegetarian options, and more.

Indian Vegetarian | © Courtesy of Pixabay

XE Currency

Converting whatever your currency is to baht can be a hassle. Unless you are a math whiz with a good grasp of how your country’s economy is doing, you are going to need a helping hand. That is where XE Currency comes in. This app makes it easy to figure out how much you’re spending, and tourists do not need an internet connection to use it.

Thai baht | © Courtesy of Peter Hellberg/Flickr


Forget everything you knew about messaging on your phone. One of the most popular ways Thais use to communicate with one another is via the Line app. Line provides users with free messaging, calling, and video calling. The best aspect of Line is the massive amount of emojis available at your fingertips. They are both adorable and surprising, with an emoji for every possible situation you could possibly imagine.

iPhone | © Courtesy of Pixabay

Google Maps

A map application is essential for travelers making their way through Bangkok. Google Maps will come in handy for a few different situations, from finding accommodation, avoiding getting lost, or steering your taxi driver in the right direction.

Google Maps | © Courtesy of Pixabay


News junkies will be pleased to hear that the Bangkok Post, one of the largest newspapers in Thailand, has an app for your phone. The newspaper describes itself as the world’s window to Thailand, covering both national and international top stories in addition to local pieces.

Bangkok Post 12.03.12 | © Courtesy of David McKelvey/Flickr

BTS Skytrain

Navigating the city can be tricky, but the BTS SkyTrain app just made getting around that much easier. This app comes equipped with a fare calculator, so travelers know exactly how much coinage they will need to get from point A to point B. There is also a feature on the app called What’s Around, which shows users different businesses around a particular station.

BTS Chong Nongsi | © Courtesy of Pixabay

Bangkok MRT

Bangkok MRT is similar to BTS SkyTrain, but instead it helps users navigate the MRT Subway in the city. This transportation app estimates travel times for travelers, routes, fares, and more. In addition to the subway, this app also gives users tips on best restaurants, bars, top attractions and more at each MRT station, making it easy for backpackers to pick a station and explore.

MRT Sukumvit station_Yeachan | © Courtesy of Twentyfour Students/Flickr


Oftentimes, visitors make their way to Bangkok solo. Traveling alone can be great, but oftentimes it can be safer and more fun to have a buddy to explore the city with. Viatuktuk is a great app for connecting with other fellow travelers in the City of Angels. Users can create and organize activities for fellow travelers to join in on. The app also allows users to connect with those around them based on nationality and what language they speak.

Tuk Tuk | © Courtesy of Pixabay

Airfare for AirAsia

Book some astonishingly cheap flights right from your smartphone with Airfare for AirAsia. Those backpackers traveling to Bangkok will most likely use this airline at some point during their trip. AirAsia is one of the cheapest and most comfortable airlines in Asia, and with Bangkok being one of the best places to fly in and out of, this app will come in handy.

AirAsia PK-AXD | © Courtesy of Yuda Nugrahadi/Flickr


Whether you are looking to have some fun or looking for the one, dating apps can always make traveling a bit more interesting. ThaiFriendly is one of the most popular dating apps in the city, with over 25,000 people logging in daily. The app even allows users, when picking their sex, to choose ladyboy as an option, which we thought was pretty cool. Many users will also post about wanting a travel buddy on this platform, as well.

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