A History of Wat Yannawa In 1 Minute

Wat Yannawa © dsin_travel/Flickr
Wat Yannawa © dsin_travel/Flickr
Spiritual or not, visiting temples throughout Thailand can be both a rewarding artistic experience as well as a great way to explore the country’s cities. Bangkok, as urban as it is, has many temples to explore throughout the city, but knowing each one’s history makes visiting these that much more memorable. Here you’ll reveal the history of Wat Yannawa in one minute.


On the banks of the Chao Phraya River you will find Wat Yannawa, or the Boat Temple. It was during the Ayutthaya Era that this temple was built, when the now bustling city of Bangkok was nothing more than farmland. This Thai-Chinese temple was built during the nineteenth century made to resemble a Chinese junk vessel under the orders of King Rama III. Apparently he saw that steam ships were replacing a number of these vessels, and he wanted to remember these boats and the prosperity that they brought to the country.

Wat Yannawa © dsin_travel/Flickr


When approaching the temple, one of the first things you will notice is its odd shape and color. This massive white boat is sure to catch your eye long before you arrive at the temple’s doorstep and is unique to what Bangkok’s temples normally look like. You will also notice its glistening rooftop spires. Inside the vessel, you will find a Buddha image covered in gold leaf and a room dedicated to relics, or the physical remains, believed to be from Buddha. These relics are believed to have magical powers, and oftentimes you will see Thai people praying to them. There is also a meditation room, a bookshop and a shrine room in this temple.

How To Get There

The easiest way to get to Wat Yannawa is by taking the BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin and taking exit 4. Admission into the temple is free.