The Best Japanese Restaurants In Bangkok

The Best Japanese Restaurants In Bangkok
Bangkok has a stunning landscape and a distinctive cultural identity. The city offers a vibrant street life where even the narrowest lanes house unique establishments, from spicy local delicacies to cozy Espresso dens. For lovers of Japanese cuisine, Bangkok is home to some outstanding restaurants where you can enjoy crispy Tempura or indulge in comfort foods like Okonomiyaki. Here’s our guide to the best Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.

Isao Sushi Bar

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Eat sushi galore at Isao
Eat sushi galore at Isao | © Sami Keinänen / Flickr

Best known for its exquisite menu that captures flavors of the sea, Isao Sushi Bar is one of the best places to grab a bite of your favorite sushi specialty. Enjoy a plate of crispy Ebi (the Japanese term for prawns) or an Agari (green tea). A must-try is Isao‘s Chirashi, highly appreciated for its bold taste and cooked with traditional Japanese herbs.

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Maki Maki

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Grab your chopsticks at Maki Maki and dig into a plateful of intricately designed Sushi rolls. This restaurant serves food that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also delicious. Tucked inside the spacious community mall at Sukhumvit, Maki Maki is a comfortable outlet that offers a casual and elegant ambiance and features wooden interiors with a grey-toned layout. While the hanging lamps illuminate a small mezzanine area, you can enjoy a tasty dinner under a pitched glass roof. Order their special, the Beauty and the Leaf Maki: scallops, salmon and raw vegetables with red tabiko, fresh avocado and a helping of spicy mayonnaise.

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The creative lineup of Japanese dishes artistically presented at Mugendai, a spot with attractive contemporary urban decor, offers an enriching peek into Japanese culinary art. This classy restaurant serves fresh seafood and lean meats and is nestled in a vibrant neighborhood, popular with expats. Mugendai is one of the best Japanese outlets in Bangkok, giving a refined touch to its dishes. The blow-torched fillets of the blue-fin tuna, the char-grilled snapper and the arresting aroma of the Matsuzaka beef topped with miso or crab eggs are simply mind-blowing.
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Koi Restaurant

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A high end restaurant that serves fusion cuisine inspired by Japanese and Californian culinary traditions, Koi is an upbeat outlet that attracts a young and energetic crowd. The place has impeccable facilities and an ever courteous staff. Try the oven roasted Yellowtail, dressed in grape seed oil (carpaccio style) to give with a cup of sweet sake.
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Fresh Salmon
Fresh Salmon | ©Pexels
Zuma, a restaurant with rich interiors, a lively ambiance and a glamorous bar, serves a variety of delicious meals with Japanese influences. The restaurant features indoor and outdoor spaces within the high-end environment of the acclaimed St. Regis Bangkok hotel. With reclaimed wooden furniture and a raw granite tiling with reflective walls, the place has a warm and exotic feel. Enjoy dishes such as the Gindara Saikyo Miso Yaki, a local favorite dish of roasted miso-marinated black cod.
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Kom Ba-Wa

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Step inside an arty space at Fred Meyer’s aesthetically renovated shophouse that serves Japanese dishes using the freshest ingredients. With distinctive red and floral wallpapers, Kom Ba-Wa features Japanese ceramics and antique chandeliers. The rich menu includes signature dishes such as the popular black squid ink ramen with Maine lobster. Whether you decide to try appetizers like the rosebeef (caked with a citrus ponzu dressing) or wish to satisfy your palate with a sweet and savory meal like the red bean mousse, this restaurant ensures a fine blend of innovation and authentic flavors.
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Bankara Ramen

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Bankara Ramen is a restaurant that serves authentic Japanese-style noodles. Sample bowls of lip-smacking fresh bamboo shoots and leek salad marinated in sesame oil if you’re looking for vegetarian options. For meat lovers, Bankara Ramen offers its signature dish, the Japanese ramen, that comes in a large bowl with a rich and creamy broth that contains huge chunks of roasted pork, slices of ginger pickle and some seaweed for a wholesome texture. Don’t expect to find a seat easily since the restaurant is always filled with customers eager for a bite of comfort food.
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Sashimi | © Alpha/Flickr
Kuroda is ideal for meat lovers looking for a hearty meal. The restaurant serves a wonderful fusion of Japanese rolls and sandwiches and boasts a menu that features over 100 dishes, from traditional sashimi to glass noodles and includes an ‘all-you-can-eat-buffet.’ Trendy and affordable, the restaurant maintains a simplistic design.
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