5 Unique Design Aspects At Pullman Bangkok, Hotel G

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G © Hotels G
Pullman Bangkok Hotel G © Hotels G
Forget the repetitive layout of corporate chains, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is a hotel created to surprise visitors with its rich, thoughtful and idiosyncratic design. From unique features within each room to breathtaking city views and a holistic approach to the dining experience, it’s hard not to find yourself captivated by the sheer range of aesthetic bites on offer. Here are five unique design aspects at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G.

Rooms with a View

Fans of architect Oppenheim will be delighted by the innovative use of space on offer at Pullman Bangkok. Whether you’re checking into a Deluxe Room or a Suite, each room offers floor to ceiling windows, ensuring that by day your bedroom is bathed in light. By night, the window offers stunning views of the city below, and acts as a failsafe place to trace where you’d like to explore that evening. With such views, you’ll find you have to drag yourself away.

A Suite at Pullman Bangkok, Hotel G © Hotels G

A Modern Dip

Thanks to movies like A Bigger Splash and Youth, swimming pools are enjoying some serious time in the spotlight. And for those who are looking to recreate the glamour of these dips, then the outdoor design of the pool at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G will certainly sate your appetite. Here industrial yet chic design draws travellers up wide concrete steps and onto dark tiles. Thanks to the immaculate design, the modern blue tiles that make up the pool and the surrounding area reflect the beauty of the evening sky, and the underwater lighting within the pool creates an elegant ambiance for late night dips.

Swimming Pool at Pullman Bangkok Hotels G © Hotels G

You Can Expect the Unexpected

At Hotels G, it’s all in the detail. Pullman Bangkok is no exception. In the bedrooms, the idiosyncratic furniture renders each room unique: put your feet up on a classic art deco coffee table, kick-back in a 1970s arm chair or prepare to write your novel on a glass toppped, white desk from the 1960s. For business travellers, The Library is both a meeting room and place to read. Adorned with light wooden bookshelves, take a seat and enjoy the natural lighting that reflects off of the white walls. In other rooms, enjoy a modern update with sleek swivel chairs around a tan boardroom table. For creatives, The Gallery is full of quirky details, such as the intricate carpet, ensuring fruitful discussions and innovative ideas. Whether you choose to visit for business or pleasure, you’re guaranteed to stay surprised by the idiosyncratic design details on offer.

Design at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G © Hotels G

The Choice is Yours

The three restaurants offer unique experiences throughout, catering for whatever you’re in the mood for. In the Executive Lounge, revel in the feeling of a gentleman’s club, with dark upholstered chairs, small private tables and a rich wooden floor. Again a wall-length window offers sweeping views of Bangkok. The aesthetic of the 25 Degrees Restaurant pays tribute to its signature all-American burgers with red walls and swivel barstools. For a local flavour, the Mistral Restaurant is adorned with paper lanterns and deep purple walls which effortlessly compliment the haute Asian cuisine. Those looking for a chic drink should choose to hang out in the industrial interior of the Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant. With exposed ceilings that puts the metallic frame on show, its design is the perfect compliment to a crisp vodka martini.

Scarlett Restaurant Pullman Bangkok, Hotel G © Hotels G

The Anne Semonin Spa

After a hectic day travelling or if you’d simply like to unwind, the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G spa is designed to ensure that your stresses and strains will disappear as soon as you set foot in the door. Warm coloured walls and low lighting combine for a general sense of calm. On mahogany doors, gold motifs of vines wind their way gently across the space, recurring throughout the hallway as you walk through to your treatments. Inside, orange silk and cotton are draped across massage tables or hung from wooden frames above sinks to ensure a holistic sense of wellbeing. And if the design doesn’t engender a sense of zen, the made-to-measure massage, antioxidant scrub or self proclaimed heavenly experience (which involves lying on a bed of bubbling, warm, seaweed) certainly will.

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