21 Reasons Why a Trip to Thailand Could Change Your Life

Start your search for a new horizon | © Lekies/Pixabay
Start your search for a new horizon | © Lekies/Pixabay
Photo of Kyle Hulme
21 May 2018

Travelling is good for the soul. It offers a chance to grow as a person, reflect on the life you lived so far and allows you to think about what you want from your life in the future. The further you go, the more you tend to know about yourself. Thailand – a storied, exciting country with adventures around every corner – is a great place to do some soul-searching. Here’s how a trip there could change your life.

Make new friends

Whilst some may think that Thailand being so popular is a bad thing, use it to your advantage. There are tonnes of travellers here all in the same boat as you, all searching for things that can and can’t be explained – such an atmosphere is great for fostering friendships that’ll last a long, long time. Whether it’s a drinking partner or an adventure buddy, the friends you make travelling are the ones you don’t forget.

Backpack buds | © larahcv/Pixabay

Try new foods

You might think you know Thai food, but the real deal is completely different to that Thai joint in the mall back home. Finding a new fave dish is exciting, and it will forever conjure up memories of that trip you took to the Land of Smiles – even if you’re eating it sat on your couch at home. Each province has its own unique tastes a smells – and the only way to experience them is to book that ticket over here.

Your new favourite dish | © huahommag/Pixabay

Learn new skills

Few people leave Thailand without learning something new, and picking up new skill sets such as cooking Thai food or riding a motorbike will serve as a great memento from your trip. Not only can you be transported back to the Land of Smiles by your cooking at home, you’ll also be a hit at dinner parties – no more boring nights in with Netflix for you!

Learn new skills | © jonathanvalencia5/Pixabay

Recharge your batteries

The working world can suck at times, feeling like you’re constantly on a treadmill working hard and not getting anywhere. A trip to Thailand to take a load off on its sunny beaches is a great way to relax, recharge those batteries and return home refreshed and ready to look at things from a new angle and move on up. And – if nothing changes at work – at least you’ll have a killer tan.

Not a bad place to recharge | © meravlux/Pixabay

Develop a global outlook

A lot of western countries are guilty of being pretty inward facing and not caring about the rest of the world. By visiting Thailand, learning about its struggles and meeting people passionate about causes such as sustainable tourism, you can develop your global outlook and care about issues that may be greater than those back home. Being socially conscious and empathetic is a great way to be an effective citizen of the world, and it can all start with a trip to Thailand.

Open your mind | © suc/Pixabay

Become more tolerant

At a time when the world seems to be lurching to the right, Thailand offers the chance to become a more tolerant person. The sheer number of people you’ll meet here – from all over the world and from different backgrounds and faiths – will teach you more about diversity and tolerance than you ever learnt in school. By being empathetic to the needs of your new traveller friends and learning from them, and being respectful of the Buddhist norms of Thailand, you may return from your trip a more rounded, more tolerant person than the one who left – making the world a better place one trip at a time.

Thailand is for everyone | © rawpixel/Pixabay

Find inner happiness

Thailand is full of friendly, smiley people – they don’t call it the Land of Smiles for nothing. A trip to Thailand can really improve your happiness – whether its from finding new passions, being in the glorious weather or making new friends, you’ll soon have a smile too that’ll last all throughout your trip and long after you return home. That’s as good a reason to visit as any.

Become content | © jill111/Pixabay

Change of career?

Packing it all in and moving to a beautiful island is a daydream many have whilst at work – and Thailand makes it a distinct possibility. After taking a trip here, you may be compelled to spend more time here. The number of digital nomads, workspaces and expats working here may inspire you to make that career change you’ve always wondered about – after all, a beach is more appealing than an office, right?

Sure beats an office | © Laura Hoffman/Flickr

Step out of your comfort zone

Whether it’s trying new things or braving snakes and creepy crawlies, Thailand can sure put you out of your comfort zone. Once you’ve tackled a snake in your bathroom, that spider in the bath at home may not seem so scary. And after eating that mysterious brown curry, the sprouts at Christmas will be a piece of cake. Take a trip here, and return stronger than ever.

Even crossing the road can be a challenge | © Mark Fischer/Flickr

Learn the language

Upon arriving, seeing the Thai script with its strange characters can be a little daunting. Whilst you probably won’t be able to read it by the time you left, you’ll be surprised how much of the language you can pick up if you’re willing to put in the effort. Learning any language is another string to your bow, and even if you only use it to order Thai food back home, at least you can impress your friends.

"Wow, he speaks Thai!" | © Johan Fantenberg/Flickr

Find romance

The sun is setting, the buckets are going down and your confidence is rising – perfect conditions to find romance on your trip. With such a large number of tourists – and locals – having the time of their lives, it’s only natural that sparks will fly – and a paradisal islands makes for a great answer to the “how did you guys meet?” question.

Anyone else hear wedding bells? | © StockSnap/Pixabay

A new you

It’s a cliche that people travel to find themselves, but it’s only cliched because it’s true. Whether you feel pigeonholed into a certain type of behaviour back home or want to become more expressive, Thailand is a great place to reinvent yourself and think about who you want to be. There are plenty of travellers here who don’t know you or your story – so it’s a chance to write a new one.

A change in priorities

At home, it can feel like you’re in a rat race– you needs kids, a house, XYZ by a certain age, or you’ll become a “failure”. Of course, this isn’t true at all – and travelling to Thailand can help you realise that. You’ll meet plenty of people along the way who’ll tell you they wish they did it “when they were younger”, or before they had kids – and it can help to change the way you prioritise things back home. Kids can take a back seat – travelling comes first.

Suddenly a mortgage doesn't seem so important | © TheAndrasBarta/Pixabay

Improve your confidence

Thailand forces you to be confident. If you’re lost on the way to a temple or lacking in inspiration as to where to travel to next, the chances are that you’ll have to ask another traveller, or risk having a miserable time. If the thought of speaking to strangers worries you now, by the end of the trip you’ll be a pro at it – and you’ll no longer have to linger in the kitchen at parties back home.

Improve your fitness

Thailand is a great place to get fit. From walking on the amazing treks and trails to staying on a Muay Thai or yoga retreat, there’s something about the weather and the people that makes it easier to motivate yourself here than back home. Getting into the habit of working out is the hardest, but once you’ve managed it here in Thailand, it’ll be a piece of cake to carry it on back home.

Muay Thai | © C_Scott/Pixabay

Learn new things about yourself

Who knew you would love diving so much? Or that you’d take to motorbike riding like a natural? Things that are daunting or expensive back home can be quite common in Thailand, so by coming here and trying new things you may uncover some long lost passions or skills that you otherwise might not have realised you had. Finding yourself indeed.

Your first purchase once home? | © Free-Photos/Pixabay

Appreciate the little things

Thailand provides a number of little victories every day, whether it’s the cafe you’re in having WiFi or the public toilet not being a squat one. It’s these little things that we take for granted back home that you’ll really appreciate here. Upon returning home, you may feel a sense of fulfillment and comfort you didn’t realise you had before you left – and suddenly, you might not want that 70″ TV anymore…

Improve your communication skills

When it comes to English proficiency, Thailand ranks pretty low, which means you’ll definitely have to work on your communication skills. Whether it’s through speaking more slowly, using actions or finding a new way to tackle the problem altogether, that remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure – being an effective communicator is a great skill to have, and it can certainly benefit you when you return home.

"Is it hot? You know, spicy? SPI-CY?" | © Johan Fantenberg/Flickr

Have awesome dinner party stories

No longer will you sit around the table without anything to rival your neighbour’s safari stories. Instead, you can talk about the time you saw whale sharks whilst diving, got a magic tattoo or got chased around a mountain by a pack of monkeys. Thailand has a penchant for the unpredictable – and whilst this may be frustrating at the time, it makes for a heck of a story later.

"You think that's funny? Wait 'til you hear this..." | © davyart/Pixabay

Build your emotional strength

Travelling is tough. Being so far away from loved ones, feeling misunderstood and being alone in a strange country can really take it out of you. Everyone feels like this – and, like everyone, you’ll get through it and emerge as a stronger person. We can’t guarantee you won’t still cry at the start of Up, though.

Ignite your inner wanderlust

Thailand might seem like an exotic place to visit – but it’s just the start. There’s plenty of guides on routes, activities and must-see things available. A trip here can really ignite your inner wanderlust to venture to more far-flung locations – and before you know it, you’ll have booked tickets to climb mountains, live with tribes and camp in jungles. Travelling really is a great thing to do – and Thailand is the best place to start.

Start your search for a new horizon | © Lekies/Pixabay

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