15 Beautiful Words That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Thai Language

Thailand | © 41330 / Pixabay
Thailand | © 41330 / Pixabay
Photo of Kelly Iverson
2 August 2017

Thai is a difficult language to master. Being that it is tonal, many have trouble pronouncing words as they should be spoken. Do not give up just yet, as Thai has some of the most beautiful words, regardless of how long they take to master. Here are 15 words that will make you fall in love with the Thai language.

ชชมพู: Chom-poo

Pronounce it like this: chawm-poo.

Chom-poo for the color pink | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

มะลิ: Ma-li

Pronounce it like this: maw-lee.

Ma-li for jasmine | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

ใบเตย: Bai-toey

Pronounce it like this: bye-toy.

Bai-toey for a type of plant | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

คิดถึง: Kid-teung

Pronounce it like this: kit-toong.

Kid-teung for when you miss someone | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

เมื่อไหร่: Mue-rai

Pronounce it like this: muwa-rye.

Courtesy of Canva

อะไรก็ได้: Arai-gor-dai

Pronounce it like this: a-rye-ga-die.

Arai-gor-dai for the word “whatever” | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

จริงๆ: Jing-jing

Pronounce it like this: jing-jing.

Jing-Jing for when you really mean something | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

จุ๊บบบบ: Joobs

Pronounce it like this: choop.

Joops for when you give something kisses | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

โอ้โห: O-HO!

Pronounce it like this: ah-hoo-ah-hoo.

O-HO! for when you are amazed or shocked | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

ฟ้า: Fah

Pronounce it like this: fah.

Fah for the color blue | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

ไอ: Ai

Pronounce it like this: I.

Ai for when you have a cough | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

ช้าๆหน่อย: Cha-cha-noi

Pronounce it like this: cha-cha-noy.

Cha-Cha-noi for when you want to do something slower or slowly | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

พี่น้อง: Phi-nhong

Pronounce it like this: pee-nong.

Phi-nhong when talking about your younger brothers or sisters | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

สวย: Suay

Pronounce it like this: soo-I.

Suay for something or someone beautiful | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

ใจ: Jai

Pronounce it like this: jai.

Jai of the heart or mind | © Culture Trip/Kelly Iverson

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