13 Things People Miss When They Leave Thailand

Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island
Photo of Iona Proebst
18 August 2017

Whether you’ve been to Thailand and fallen in love with its charms or have it marked on your travel bucket list, it’s a nation that tugs on most people’s heart strings. Thailand is known for exotic adventures, tropical islands, lush jungles, delicious food, friendly people, epic parties – the list is endless. We’ve put together 13 popular things people miss when they leave Thailand’s shores.

The people

Thai people are friendly, welcoming and hospitable. Locals will often invite you to have a drink with them, offer you some interesting food to try or guide you in the right direction if you are lost.

The weather

There is nothing worse than leaving the azure waters of a stunning Thai island to head back to winter in your home land. Thailand’s tropical climate is one of the many reasons it remains such a hot holiday destination.

The food

This is definitely a biggy! So many people adore the flavours of Thai cuisine and let’s face it, the Pad Thai take away back home is just not the same (and much more expensive) than the one you get fresh from the local Thai street-side vendor.

Pad Thai | © stu_spivack/Flickr

The ease of travel

Once you have worked out that there is order to the chaos you’ll be missing the inexpensive, easy and generally reliable transport in Thailand. Travelling anywhere in the Land of Smiles or beyond is super convenient.

The sense of freedom

For many, Thailand is a place where they feel they can let their hair down and shelve their responsibilities. Leaving that sense of freedom and returning to said responsibilities can leave plenty lusting for a hasty return.

The sandals aka flip flops, jandals, thongs etc

After months of having your feet schlep you around in sandals, putting on shoes can feel rather odd. Your feet are likely to miss their freedom and want to rebel.

Sandals for sale in Bangkok | © water_sss/Flickr

The shopping

Whether you’re a fan of finding a great bargain at a local market or perusing the high-end boutiques, Thailand is a shoppers’ heaven. Prices are generally much more affordable and you can try your luck at bargaining for an extra good deal.

The massages

Paying $7 for a one-hour massage. At that price, it’s ok to justify one a day while you are in Thailand, back home it’s a different story.

The “bum gun”

Yes, we had to go there. For those who have acclimatized to using the bidet sprayer in Thailand (aka the bum gun) you are likely to have gone off only using toilet paper and are making plans to install the far-superior bum gun at home.

The location

Thailand is the perfect jumping point to other southeast Asian countries. Many a traveller has made Thailand their base from which to explore the likes of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and beyond.

The landscape

The white sand beaches, the turquoise waters, the lush jungles … need we say more.

Phi Phi Island

The cheap drinks

Let’s be honest, a Sang Som set might not be the best tasting beverage you’ve ever had but it surely is much cheaper than a round back in your local pub.

The 7/11’s

There is literally another 7/11 on every corner in Thailand. These convenience stores not only provide a sense of comfort to the average traveller they are also home to a few location specific favourites, like the iconic ham and cheese toasty, Tom Yum flavoured potato chips and sweet and salty tamarind to name a few.

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