10 Inspiring Places You Must Visit in Thailand

Photo of Lena Blos
21 June 2018

With its dazzling white beaches, its lush, tropical jungles and fascinating cultural sights, Thailand remains one of the most intriguing countries. We have explored its regions and compiled a list of the most inspiring places in the country.


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Koh Tao

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Beach in Koh Tao | © Pixabay

Koh Jum

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Andaman sea, View of koh Jum island krabi,Thailand | © bang tongkeawsawat / Shutterstock


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Chiang Mai


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The Railay peninsula not only offers marvelous beaches but is also a true paradise for rock climbers | © Pixabay

Phanom Rung

Phanom Rung is probably the most impressive and significant of the Khmer temples that can be found in Thailand. It was restored to its original splendor over the course of 17 years and has recently been under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Site organization. Made from sandstone and laterite, it was constructed in the Angkor style from the 10th to the 13th century as a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva. Built on top of a spent volcano during the reign of King Suriyavarman II, it stands as a dazzling symbol of the peak of Angkor architecture. Due to its precise solar alignment, the sun bathes all 15 sanctuary doorways around four times a year. During the April alignment, the complex sets the scene for the impressive Phanom Rung Festival, including traditional Brahmin ceremonies and scenic light shows.

Reenactment Apsara Dance in Phanom Rung Historical Park, Buriram, Thailand | © Jukgrit Chaiwised / Shutterstock

Chiang Rai

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Beautiful ornate white temple located in Chiang Rai northern Thailand. Wat Rong Khun (White Temple), is a contemporary unconventional Buddhist temple.Buddhist and Hindu motifs. | © YURY TARANIK / ShutterStock

Koh Mak

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Mak island Koh Mak Trat Thailand | © Sathianpong Phookit / Shutterstock


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Khao Luang cave, Phetchaburi, Thailand | © NUTTANART KHAMLAKSANA / Shutterstock