10 Delicious Desserts To Try At Chatuchak Weekend Market

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20 February 2018

Chatuchak Weekend Market has it all, from the sweetest of deals to the sweetest desserts. Being that it’s the largest market in Thailand, it’s practically impossible to see its entirety and indulge in all of the delicious treats it has to offer. That being said, here are the top 10 desserts you must track down while exploring Chatuchak Weekend Market.


These popsicles are great for shoppers on a mission. Don’t bother slowing down to have a dessert cooked up for you: instead, pay as little as ฿5 for one of these delicious, on-the-go desserts. There are usually a wide variety of flavors, including strawberry, Sprite, Coke, blueberry, and even tea.

Kit Dale / | © Culture Trip

Grass Jelly Drinks

If you thought Thailand’s teas were delicious, wait until you try these grass jelly concoctions. Made with an ungodly amount of condensed milk, these drinks combine Thailand’s love for sugary drinks with grass jelly. Plain grass jelly is oftentimes served as a dessert as well. These vendors have many flavors to choose from, including coffee, cocoa, Thai tea, and green tea for just ฿40 (a little over $1). You’ll see plenty of vendors selling this drink while you’re exploring the market – it’s just a matter of choosing which one looks the most delicious.

Thai Ice Cream

Meandering in and out of Chatuchak’s thousands of stalls can be exhausting. Be sure to cool off with one of the many icy treats found throughout the market. One of our favorites is JJ Thai Ice Cream. These treats are not only adorable, they’re also delicious. Cool off with one of these easy, on-the-go desserts for only ฿15.

Kit Dale / | © Culture Trip


These donuts are great for groups of people looking for something sweet before taking on Chatuchak Weekend Market. Grab a bag of these sugar-covered donuts for only ฿40 (a little over $1).

Sugar-Covered Donuts | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson

Fried Ice Cream

This fried ice cream stall is our favorite spot to cool down at. Here, you can create your very own fried ice cream masterpiece. Choose from five different flavors of ice cream, four different topping sauces, and 19 different mixers. These mixers include brownies, almonds, peanut butter, and more. It’s also incredibly intriguing to watch as the chef, if you will, moves at the speed of light to make the delicious desserts.

Kit Dale / | © Culture Trip

Dessert Balls

These ice-cream filled balls are one of our favorite desserts found at Chatachuk Weekend Market. For only ฿25, you can choose from a variety of flavors, including chocolate malt, lemon, cookies and cream, or milk.

Ice Cream | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson

Mango With Sticky Rice

One dessert you must try while visiting Thailand is mango over sticky rice. Mango is chilled and thinly sliced before being put over warm rice. It’s then drizzled with refreshing, thick coconut milk. It ‘s served in convenient, plastic containers so it’s easy to enjoy while exploring Chatuchak. You’ll see these vendors selling mango with sticky rice throughout the market, as they’re definitely a best-seller.

Kit Dale / | © Culture Trip

Coconut Ice Cream

Do not let the seemingly strange toppings scare you off. Coconut ice cream is one of the best desserts found at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Choose from things like corn, nuts, and more. The best part? It’s served in its own, adorable coconut.

Kit Dale / | © Culture Trip

Chocolate-Dipped Popsicles

These frozen treats are one way to both cool off and indulge your sweet tooth at the same time. Chilled bananas or frozen ice cream bars are dipped in mouthwatering, melted chocolate before being sprinkled with your choice of nuts or sprinkles.

Kit Dale / | © Culture Trip

Frozen Ice

If you have the time, be sure to find Tropical Swell. This beach-inspired vendor is located in section 3, soi (street) 46. These shaved iced concoctions are not only delicious but are beautifully decorated with some of the most delicious toppings. Try any one of their amazing ice treats, including its Malibu Wipe Out (mango with coconut). It also sells smoothies and tropical bowls, neither of which have any sugar, gluten or dairy inside (according to its menu).

Tropical Swell | © Courtesy of Kelly Iverson

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