The 10 Best Restaurants In Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand |© Pixabay
Koh Phi Phi, Thailand |© Pixabay
Photo of Amanda Chain
9 February 2017

Koh Phi Phi is one of Thailand’s most stunning islands, with crystal blue water lapping the white sand. Phi Phi is a popular tourist destination with a reputation for exuberant nightlife and delicious local food. Whether you have a few weeks or a couple of days, there are plenty of places on the island to relax in paradise and enjoy an authentic Thai meal. Here’s our list of the top 10 restaurants in Koh Phi Phi.

Scuba diving off Koh Phi Phi, Thailand | © Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten/Flickr

Grand PP Arcade

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One of the healthy breakfast options | © Grand PP Arcade
If looking for a flavorsome feast, centrally located Grand PP Arcade is an unmissable spot. Open early for breakfast, the batch of banana pancakes here is huge and the spring rolls are crispy, light and delicious. Tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes are available in abundance here too, and although not typical of a Thai restaurant, the variety of cupcakes on offer here are extremely good.

Unni's Restaurant

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Koh Phi Phi
Koh Phi Phi | © da ho/Flikr

Set in the center of all the island’s action, Unni’s Restaurant is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before a night out on the beachfront bars. Arrive early in the evening to increase your chances of securing a table on the patio, the most sought after spot in the restaurant, which offers a great view over the surrounding seascape. Try Unni’s famous avocado smash with feta and tomato on bread for a starter, followed by the peri peri chicken, or the chicken and cashew nut stir-fry. The cocktails here are some of the best on the island. Our two favorites are the espresso martini and, a must try when in Thailand, the mai tai.

Tonsai Seafood

Ton Sai Seafood Restaurant is arguably the best beachfront joint on Phi Phi. The portions are generous, the staff are incredibly friendly, and the views are unbeatable. It’s highly recommended to visit in the early evening to enjoy the views of a glorious sunset whilst dining. The steamed fish with lemon and garlic here is delicious, and a top dessert choice is the banana fritter with custard. The restaurant has outdoor seating only, so check the weather forecast before calling in, especially during monsoon season.

Blue Lagune

In a slightly secluded spot, tucked away before the bridge in Phi Phi village, Blue Lagune serves the best prawn pad thai on Phi Phi island. The 4-star restaurant has an extensive menu, a beautiful view, and has inspired a growing number of Instagram followers thanks to the exquisite presentation of its food. Diners are often greeted here with complementary starters and juicy fruit platters.

Blue Lagune, 47/18 Moo 8, Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang, Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand +66 82 812 9963

Oasis Bar & Restaurant

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Thailand sunset
Thailand sunset | © Ubaían/Flickr
Oasis, located a few minutes away from the heart of Phi Phi, attracts diners searching for authentic Thai culture and local food in more of a relaxed environment. The staff is charming and warm, and the garlic shrimp with fried chicken, as well as the chicken paanaag curry, are delicious. The beer here is always served ice cold, and the cheeky monkey drink is great to soothe the spice of the tasty dishes

Aroy Kaffeine Cafe

Located behind the Phi Phi Village resort, this hidden venue is a top brunch spot. The cafe is surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and offers a diverse range of Northern Thai and Western cuisine. Their coffee is first-rate, particularly the cappuccinos and lattes, and the French toast and nutella pancakes with banana are divine. Additionally Ja, the host of both the cafe and adjacent guesthouse, is a kind and amiable local guide.

Aroy Kaffeine Café, Ba Keao Bay, Phi Phi Village, Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand +66 95 720 3382

Anna’s Restaurant

Anna’s Restaurant offers a great culinary mix. Influenced by its European and Thai owners, Anna’s gives diners a tasty fusion of Western and Thai cuisine. The Thai food here is very flavorful and very spicy, and the Western food is served in generous portions. The Vienna style pork schnitzel is outstanding. The staff are incredibly friendly, and offer helpful tips on where to buy curry paste and other authentic Thai culinary essentials.

Anna’s Restaurant, 111, Moo 7, Koh Phi Phi, Ko Phi Phi Don,Thailand +66 85 923 2596

Phi Phi boat I | © Shadow-or-Light I Flickr

Pum Thai Cooking School and Restaurant

An essential for any trip to Thailand is to visit a Thai cooking school. There is no better way to experience the culinary legacy of a culture than to learn the methods of its preparation. Pum Thai Cooking School and Restaurant in Phi Phi is a superb place to do this, informing and educating visitors about how to prepare easy, simple and tasty Thai meals. A complementary recipe book is included with all classes which details every recipe covered. The chefs are incredibly helpful, and happily dispense advice on where to purchase various ingredients.

Pum Thai Cooking School and Restaurant, 125 Moo 7, Ao Nang, Ko Phi Phi Don 81000, Thailand +66 (0) 81 521 8904

Long-tail boat I | © TimOve/Flicker

Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu offers a delicious fusion of French and Thai cuisine. Enjoy dishes such as scallop and fish fillet in yellow coconut curry, whilst admiring the beautiful wood decor and soaking up the relaxed ambiance of the restaurant. Although one of the more expensive establishments on the island, with creative dishes and flawless presentation, the meals are worth every penny. Diners can indulge in luxury vanilla ice-cream and homemade crepes for dessert. This is one of the island’s most popular restaurants, so advanced bookings are essential.

Le Grand Bleu, 137 Moo 7, Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand, +66 81 979 9739

Papaya Restaurant

Papaya is a minimal and intimate restaurant in Phi Phi offering a varied mix of Thai delicacies and Italian pasta dishes. The portions here are generous and the pineapple fried rice is the best found on the island. The papaya salad and Massaman curry here are highly recommended. No alcohol is served on the premises, so take a trip to the cocktail bar next door when finished.

Papaya Restaurant, 139/9 Moo. 7, Muang Krabi, Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand +66 (0) 91 157 2007