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Open all hours | © Marcin Wichary / Flickr
Open all hours | © Marcin Wichary / Flickr

Where to Go For Late-Night Munchies in Taipei

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Updated: 13 August 2017
So you fancy a snack at 3am, but the local 7-Eleven has run out of those oh-so-tasty egg and mayonnaise sandwiches. You could break out the pots and pans, but seriously, who wants to do that? Well, have no fear because Taipei has you covered. The city that quite literally never sleeps offers all kinds of late-night snacks and treats, and here are the places where you’ll find the best.

Panos Cafe

Cafe, $$$
Brunch at Panos
Brunch at Panos | Courtesy of Panos Cafe

Speaking of 7-Eleven sandwiches, you’ll find no such similar thing at our first port of call. Panos serves up decidedly delicious sandwiches and bagels. They even have a few pasta dishes on the menu. But best of all, especially for those late-night revelers, are the Belgian beers cooling in the fridge. Fresh tasty food served up with a glass of Belgian beer – that’s what heaven looks like at 3am.
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Jiang Huang Beef Noodle Shop

Asian, $$$

There’s nothing more authentic here in Taipei than beef noodles. Unless of course it’s beef noodles at 3am. This place is a 24-hour beef noodle shop that also sells breakfast stuff. It’s a great place for those who have fully immersed themselves in the local culture and simply can’t resist noodles after a night out. It’s simple, it’s traditional, and it’s the best pre-hangover cure you’ll ever get.
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