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Beers on tap at Crafted | Courtesy of Crafted Beer & Co.
Beers on tap at Crafted | Courtesy of Crafted Beer & Co.

Where Can I Find Craft Beers in Taipei?

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Updated: 13 October 2017
When Taiwan Beer’s Gold Medal just doesn’t do it for you anymore, and you’re bored of the Heinekens and Budweisers of the world, what can you do? Well, for the citizens of Taipei there was a time when the only option was to drink tea or hit the rice wine, but thankfully those days are a distant memory. Nowadays, those in search of a decent beer, or to be more specific, a decent craft beer need not look too far.

Once ruled by the TTL monopoly, the beer industry in Taiwan is going through something of a renaissance. There are now dozens of locally brewed beers on the market, with the local and expat community embracing the global infatuation with craft beers. In fact, they are so popular now that even the imported craft beer niche is starting to get quite competitive. Thankfully, this means that here in Taipei, we are now spoiled for choice when it comes to craft brews. But if you’re looking for the best places to find a hoppy IPA or a dark lager, then look no further than the places listed below.

Crafted Beer & Co.

First off, we have the rather aptly named Crafted Beer & Co. Opened in 2016 to meet the huge demand for both local and imported craft beers, this place is quite possibly the best place in the city for grabbing a few bottles of something you’ve never tried before.

They stock over 150 craft beers that are mostly from the US, Belgium, and, of course, Taiwan. The owner, Raul, is a big believer in the whole ‘Drink Local’ ethos, and so he decided that the shop’s four taps would be for local craft beers only. He also rotates the beers quite regularly, making sure that the breweries all get their chance to impress his customers.

But the best thing about this place is not the beers on tap (although they tend to be rather excellent), it’s the huge selection you have. Fruit beers, ciders, ales, IPAs, they’re all on the shelf or in the fridge, and the staff are clued-in as to what kind of tastes and aromas each offers. For takeout beers or a nice place to sit and have a chat over a local brew, this is one of the best places in town.

Crafted Beer & Co. Store #011, No. 1 Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan