The Best Restaurants on Penghu's Islands

There's a lot to love about Penghu
There's a lot to love about Penghu | © Zeze0729 / WikiCommons
Photo of Ciaran McEneaney
20 June 2018

Penghu’s islands are a tropical paradise where life is a little more relaxing than it is on mainland Taiwan. Here, tourists can enjoy the islander lifestyle, hopping from island to island while visiting the area’s many attractions. And with Penghu being such a haven for tourists, there are many restaurants to visit. Here are some of the best.


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Despite its name, this is no fish market but a quaint little restaurant with a great menu of Western-style food. Of course, seafood features heavily on the menu, with fish tacos just one of the many dishes on offer. According to locals, though, this is the best place in Penghu to get a good hot dog. And by all accounts, the beer isn’t bad either.

Brunch + Backpacker

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Healthy brunch with the freshest ingredients | © Brunch + Backpacker

For brunch, there are many options throughout the islands, but one of the most popular is Brunch + Backpacker. This place caters to budget travelers, and the owner prides himself not only on serving tasty food at great prices but also providing some great information for all those backpacking tourists that visit the islands. For tasty food in a nice atmosphere along with local tips on the area, this place is the perfect spot.

Blessed Oyster

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Oysters are one of the most popular ingredients in Taiwanese dishes, and on an island surrounded by blue ocean, locals that visit here have only one thing on their mind – where to find the best oysters. Luckily for them, it’s pretty easy. Blessed Oyster is a family-run business that has been supplying the locals and tourists with the freshest oysters every day for many years. But this is no boring menu. There are plenty of oyster dishes to choose from, and each and every one rates highly with the restaurant’s regulars.


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Pork burger with apple planks! | © 篷車→fix

A one-time food truck business, the owner of 篷車→fix soon realized that the demand for his incredibly popular burgers called for a brick-and-mortar restaurant. This is hands down one of the best spots in Penghu to get a burger. But their burgers are not your regular run-of-the-mill burgers. Here, the chef has created some signature sauces and dressings while putting some rather unusual fillings in his burgers. For a burger like no other, this is the place to be. They are open by reservation only on weekdays.

Kwai Japanese Sushi

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It stands to reason that within a group of 90 islands and islets there should be some pretty amazing seafood, and where there’s fresh fish, you’ll find a Japanese restaurant. Now, make no mistake, Taiwanese people know their sushi; and on Penghu, the locals know a thing or two about seafood, so for this place to be one of the top-rated restaurants in all of the islands is no easy feat. Great fresh sushi and a variety of other seafood dishes all with that unmistakable Japanese flavor make for an excellent dining experience.

Seaway L'Atelier de Charlie

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One of the many amazing dishes on offer | © Seaway L'Atelier de Charlie

This cozy little restaurant is a big hit with local foodies, as the chef and owner have gone to great lengths to create a signature menu that combines local produce and dishes with international-style cuisine. The place is said to be one of the best spots in Penghu to sit and have a glass of wine and a nice meal. Prices are reasonable considering the effort that goes into each and every meal.

Yi Jia Cactus Ice Cream

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Cactus grows everywhere in Penghu, and the locals have found that the fruit of the local plant is great for a variety of dishes such as pastries and tea. The most popular, though, is cactus ice cream and while there are many places on the islands to try a little, the most famous is Yi Jia Cactus Ice Cream. On a hot day, there’s nothing like a bit of cactus ice cream to cool you down. Sit down or have it to go, but be warned that you may have to queue.