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Roast Mushroom with Curry Sauce | Courtesy of Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant
Roast Mushroom with Curry Sauce | Courtesy of Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant

The Best Chinese Restaurants In Taipei

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Updated: 9 February 2017
As Taiwan’s largest city, Taipei is packed full of delicious restaurants. Whether its fresh sushi or spicy hot pot, Taipei has plenty of tasty options, including authentic Chinese food. Positioned just off the coast of Mainland China, Taipei is home to several establishments serving up excellent Chinese cuisine. To find out where to head next for lunch or dinner in this vibrant city, check out our guide for Taipei’s best Chinese restaurants.


Din Tai Fung 

For Chinese-food lovers in Taipei, Din Tai Fung is legendary. Originating as a retail business selling cooking oil back in the 1950s, the restaurant was transformed into a noodle and dumpling establishment in 1972. With branches all over the world, including in Japan, South Korea and Australia, Din Tai Fung is famous for its tasty fare and is a recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Menu options include noodle soups, fried rice dishes, and steamed dumplings. The restaurant has locations throughout Taipei, including one in the basement of Taipei 101. High-quality food and a variety of menu options make Din Tai Fung a top pick for Chinese food in Taipei.

Din Tai Fung, B1F, No 45, Shifu Rd, Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 8101 7799

紫艷中餐廳 紫艷菇菇包

YEN’s Signature dish: Custard Buns with Egg Yolk | Photo Courtesy of YEN Chinese Restaurant

YEN Chinese Restaurant

Perched on the 31st floor of the W Taipei building, YEN Chinese Restaurant offers not only delicious cuisine, but also outstanding views of the city below. This fine dining establishment pulls inspiration from all regions of China, giving diners a wide variety of dishes to choose from. The menu includes vegetarian options, as well as yummy deserts like sticky rice with coconut cream, mango pudding, and creamy egg tarts.  Located in the bustling Xinyi District, Yen Chinese Restaurant can be easily accessed from the Taipei City Hall metro station.

YEN Chinese Restaurant, 10 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 7703 8768

Fuda Shandong Zhengjiao Dawang

Tucked away down an alley off Zhongshan North Road, Fuda Shandong Zhengjiao Dawang is a mom-and-pop restaurant beloved for its fresh and authentic Chinese and Taiwanese food. The restaurant is especially known for its made-to-order steamed dumplings, though it also serves other tasty dishes like spicy wontons, seaweed and egg soup, and noodles with mushroom sauce. The popular establishment is often crowded, but service is quick and efficient, with bustling energy that gives visitors an authentic Chinese restaurant experience. As a recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, this affordable restaurant is a must for a casual meal.

Fuda Shandong Zhengjiao Dawang, No.11,140 Alley, Yi Section, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 2541 3195

Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant

Travelers seeking delicious Chinese food minus the meat can head over to Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant. The menu is expansive, with a hearty selection of appetizers, chef specials, and even a Top 20 section. While the restaurant offers plenty of dishes to try, it’s famous for serving dim sum, a Cantonese-cuisine style dish consisting of bite-sized dumplings and steamed dishes. Yang Shin was the first restaurant in Taipei to offer vegetarian dim sum and prides itself on using fresh, natural ingredients, as well as cooking with reduced oil, sugar, and salt for an all-around healthier meal.

Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant, 2F, No. 128 Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 2542 8828

The Guest House

Located on the 17th floor of The Sheraton Hotel, The Guest House is a fine dining option for travelers in search of great Chinese food. The restaurant specializes in Sichuan cuisine, a cooking style native to Southwestern China and famous its use of fiery red peppers. The Guest House also serves up dishes from Yangzhou, an area situated along China’s Yangtze River and known for its fresh, light dishes. Popular menu items at The Guest House include steamed pork dumplings, braised pork knuckles, and braised noodles with yellow fish.

The Guest House, 17F., No.12, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 2321 1818

Yi Yuan Peking Cuisine

The Westin Taipei Hotel is home to Yi Yuan Peking Cuisine. Found on the basement level of the hotel, this restaurant specializes in Chinese fusion, with special emphasis on Cantonese cuisine. Diners will especially want to try the Peking Duck, a legendary dish from Beijing dating back to the Yuan Dynasty. Yi Yuan’s chef carves the duck in front of diners, and the flavorful meat is served in paper-thin pancakes. Other tasty dishes include Giant Mud Crab, dumplings, and Fo Tiao Qiang, a succulent stew that translates to ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’!

Yi Yuan Peking Cuisine, No. 133, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist, The Westin Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 8770 6565

Jiu Ru

Jiu Ru is another tasty option for Chinese cuisine and has several locations throughout the city, including branches at the Breeze Center and the iconic Taipei 101 building. This small restaurant chain has been around for years and is a favorite among locals and travelers alike. The menu is written in both Chinese and English and features options like sesame noodles, pork wontons, and zongzi, or rice dumplings. With several locations around the city, this affordable place is a must-visit for hungry Taipei travelers.

Jiu Ru, No. 69, Section 4, Ren’ai Rd, Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 2751 7666


The Dragon

Also located in The Sheraton Hotel is The Dragon, a fine dining restaurant specializing  in Cantonese cuisine. Diners can try the restaurant’s tasty specialties, such as braised pork with BBQ sauce, steamed pork buns, and fried taro cakes. The menu also includes seafood dishes, as well as dim sum. The Dragon is an excellent choice for special occasions and is often crowded during meal times. The restaurant can be easily reached from a number of city buses, as well as from the Shandao Temple metro station.

The Dragon, No.12, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel B1F, Taipei, Taiwan +886 2 2321 1818