The 7 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Taiwan

Beautiful Taiwan | © sputnikzion / Pixabay
Beautiful Taiwan | © sputnikzion / Pixabay
Photo of Ciaran McEneaney
9 January 2019

Taiwan may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of honeymoon destinations, but for those that do choose to spend their first holiday as a couple here, the island has plenty to offer.

Sun Moon Lake

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The calm waters of Sun Moon Lake | © tingyaoh / Pixabay
An area that is home to many myths and legends, Sun Moon Lake is not only a beautiful place to stay but a place where you can both learn much about the local aboriginal people. Members of the local tribe run many of the area’s businesses, and there’s even a village theme park where you can spend a day having some fun on the rides.Enjoy bicycle rides around the lake, romantic walks on the pathways, cruises through the waters, or a cable car ride to the theme park. It’s a wonderful location that offers plenty of ways to spend your time.


There’s an old train that winds its way up Alishan taking you and your partner to a delightful scenic area where you both can hike the trails and capture some spectacular shots of the surrounding countryside. The area is mostly made up of tea plantations where some of Taiwan’s most famous teas grow.

If you can manage to wake up in time, then the sunrise at the top of the mountain is a once in a lifetime experience that neither of you will forget.

Alishan sunrise | © Davin0315 / Flickr
Taroko Gorge is one of those natural wonders that you really have to experience for yourself to fully appreciate. From the natural rock formations to the many walks along its rocky paths and of course the Eternal Spring Shrine built on a waterfall, the gorge is a truly wonderful place to visit.Taroko is in Hualien which, located on the east coast, has some pretty amazing coastlines. You won’t find white sands here, but you will find rocky coastlines and beautifully picturesque countryside where you and your partner can spend some time alone and away from the crowds.972, Taiwan, Hualien County, Xiulin Township, 富世村富世291號


Although Taiwan is a relatively small island, its towns and cities are bustling hives of activity. So when you fancy something a little more like the quintessential island experience, head for Penghu.

This group of 90 islands are truly breathtaking, and with so many beaches, it’s not too difficult to find a quiet area where you and your new partner can enjoy a romantic day on the sands.

Penghu white sands | © Max Pixel / Max Pixel

Green Island

As a holiday destination, Green Island doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. This small volcanic island just off the eastern coast of Taiwan is a place of incredible beauty. Like Penghu, it has that relaxed island life atmosphere with everyone taking it easy.

Green island boasts an idyllic coastline that you can explore in a day, and there’s even an old hiking trail that crosses the island. Here the most popular tourist activity is to rent a scooter and take a leisurely drive along the quiet roads before relaxing in a saltwater hot spring. But if you’re after something a little more exciting, then you can dive or snorkel and take a look at some of Taiwan’s best coral reefs located just off the island’s coast.

Green Island serenity | © Blowing Puffer Fish / Flickr

Kenting National Park

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Quiet Baisha Beach in Kenting | © Wenchieh Yang / Flickr
Kenting is one of the island’s most visited national parks. This is mostly down to the fact that it is home to some beautiful stretches of beach that locals love to visit in their downtime. And although a few days on the beach should be part of any honeymoon, the park has so much more to offer than white sands.Many visitors to the area rent scooters and explore the mountainous countryside that boasts caves, waterfalls, and incredibly old trees. There are also many easy hikes through the mountains which offer stunning views of the park.

Yangmingshan National Park

As one of the most accessible of Taiwan’s national parks, Yangmingshan is a great place to head for a short stay just outside of Taipei. The park is home to some of the region’s most popular hot spring hotels, many of which are located deep in the countryside. And what could be more romantic than relaxing in a private hot spring overlooking the national park?

When staying here, you can take walks through the many scenic areas and view the local waterfalls, wander the lush rolling hills, and find some wonderful locations for your honeymoon snaps.

The hills of Yangmingshan | © Youncoco / Pixabay