The 10 Best Things to See and Do in Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung Park | © yoxem / WikiCommons
Taichung Park | © yoxem / WikiCommons
Once thought of as an industrial city, Taichung is fast gaining popularity among the tourist masses. As a melting pot of both culinary and cultural delights, it’s easy to see why this vibrant city is one for the Taiwan bucket list. But what exactly can you get up to in this mid-western city?

Take a walk in the park

Taichung has plenty of parks and green spaces, but the most famous one is the aptly named Taichung Park. Built in the early 1900s when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, the park features a Japanese-style pavilion and a lake where you can take a boat ride. It’s an ideal place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.
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Rainbow Village

Art Gallery
The incredible colours of Rainbow Village | © Steven R. Barringer / WikiCommons
The incredible colours of Rainbow Village | The incredible colours of Rainbow Village

This one-time home for former members of the military is now an incredible place full of vibrant colors. A former soldier who felt that the drab and dreary neighborhood could do with a bit of life and color started the project. Although the area was marked for demolition, Mr. Huang went ahead and painted every surface he could find in every color of the rainbow. Thanks to his efforts, it is now a protected cultural area and is well worth a visit.

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Take a scenic bike ride

Hou-Feng Bikeway is a 4.5-kilometer-long (2.8 miles) route that takes you along an old railway line in Taichung’s Fengyuan District. On your ride, you get to cross an old iron railway bridge and pass through one of the railways old tunnels. It’s a pleasant ride, and riding through the tunnel is a fun experience that you’ll never forget.
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Visit a brewery

Bar, Fast Food, $$$
Locally brewed beers at 3 Giants | © 3 Giants Brewing Company
While you’re out in Fengyuan, you can visit one of the city’s only breweries. At 3 Giants Brewing Company, you can sample the beers and enjoy some food while watching the brewers ply their trade. If you ask politely, they’ll gladly take a break from their work and explain their brewing processes and the story behind their brewery.
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Hit the night market

If there’s one thing Taiwan is famous for, it’s night markets, and in Taichung, there’s no shortage of them. But for the complete night market experience, head to Feng-Chia Night Market. It’s an incredible place full of food stalls where you can sample the famous local delicacies. There are also tons of clothing stalls so that you can get a little holiday shopping done too.
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Chun Shui Tang

Bubble Tea Shop, Tea , $$$
Only the best at Chun Shui Tang | © Chun Shui Tang

Since its invention back in the ’80s, pearl milk tea has become a worldwide hit and is now considered something of a Taiwanese drink. It’s here in Taichung where you can visit the shop where it all began. Chun Shui Tang is more than a simple tea shop; it’s the spiritual home of pearl milk tea, and for any tea lover, a visit to this place is a must.

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Walk the wetlands

Natural Feature
Sunset at Gaomei Wetlands | © 攝影家9號 / Flickr
The Gaomei Wetlands, located on the Dajia River Estuary, is home to more than 120 species of bird. This area, comprising mudflats and sandy beaches with easy-to-navigate promenades throughout, is a popular spot for ecologists and birdwatchers alike. Take a couple of hours here in the evening, and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.
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Step back in time at the Wufeng Lin Family House

Historical Landmark
Wufeng Lin Family House | © mk2010 / WikiCommons
At the Wufenmg Lin Family House, you can take a look at the stunning gardens of this residence first built during the Qing dynasty. In the following years, many changes were made to the buildings, and you can see both Western and Japanese styles in some of the architecture.
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Confucius Temple

Confucius Temple, Taiwan
Confucius Temple, Taiwan | © YAY Media AS / Alamy Stock Photo
Although this temple was built in the ’70s, it’s an impressive recreation of Song dynasty structures. It is a very relaxing place to visit, and tourists are more than welcome to take as many photos as they like. However, if you happen to be there on September 28th (Confucius’ birthday and Teacher’s Day), then be prepared for pure bedlam as locals flock to give thanks to Confucius.
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