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Taipei | © sese_87/Flickr
Taipei | © sese_87/Flickr
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Taipei's Top 10 Food, Art and Culture Events in Summer 2014

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Festival season is here. Where better to enjoy the sun and fun than in the capital of Taiwan? With a variety of events lined up over the next couple of months, there is sure to be something to cater to your fancy — with festivals, exhibitions, and other exciting events that will delight everyone from the rockers and artists to the foodies and film-buffs.

Design | Lego: Fun with Bricks

20 June – 14 September

Taipei is hosting a Lego exhibition this summer in honour of the timeless toy that is the Lego brick — a simple product that has inspired creativity in children and adults alike for generations over the past eight decades, or 82 years to be precise. Special guests at the event include Japanese Lego building champion Sachigo Akinaga. In addition to admiring masterful Lego creations, guests are also encouraged to create their own masterpieces, making the exhibit a fun and interactive experience.

Huashan Creative Park, 1 Bade Road, Taipei City, Taiwan, +886 02 2322 2128

Film | Taipei Film Festival

27 June – 19 July

The Taipei Film Festival takes place annually and is held by the Taipei City Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs. Every year, about 100,000 people attend the festival and approximately 160 films are shown from over 40 countries from around the world. The full line-up has been announced and this year and 40 films are set to compete for the NT$1 million grand prize for one of the two main competitions at the festival — this one is dedicated to recognising the best film released in the country over the past year. Nominees in this category include Partners in Crime, Almost Heaven, and Stray Dogs.

Taipei Zhongshan Hall, Zhongzheng, Taipei City, Taiwan, +886 02 2528 9580

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Outdoor | Oasis Pool Party 2014

5 July, 26 July, 16 August

This isn’t technically a festival. However, the fabulous Oasis Pool Party has been going on for several years now while humbly gaining a steady momentum by attracting party-goers looking to indulge in a glamorous social outing with other like-minded individuals. With ticketed access to the exclusive pool at the Grand Hyatt, cold beverages, and live DJ sets, what better way to beat off the heat this summer?

Grand Hyatt Taipei, Songshou Road, Xinyi, Taipei City, Taiwan, +886 02 0917 840 519

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Photography | LIFE Magazine: Photo Exhibition

5 July – 21 September

Taipei’s Songshan Culture Park will be showcasing the LIFE Magazine: Photo Exhibition featuring thousands of the iconic magazine’s best images based on four main themes — People, Moments, It’s Life, and Our Life. LIFE was founded in 1936 by Henry Luce with the motto, ‘To see life; to see the world; to eyewitness great events… to see things thousands of miles away… to see and be amazed…’ Guests of the exhibition will no doubt experience all of that, and more, with this eye-opening journey through history.

Songshan Culture Park, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi, Taipei City, Taiwan, +866 02 8643 3955

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Music | HO-HAI-YAN Rock Festival

9 – 13 July

The best things in life are free, and this is certainly true for Taiwan’s annual HO-HAI-YAN Rock Festival, which first began in 2000. Held on the scenic Fulong Beach in New Taiwan — the greater area surrounding Taipei City — many big local and international names alike have performed on the stage at this rock festival, including Taiwan’s very own Mayday. This year, the line-up is set to include performance by 9AM Band from Hong Kong, D=OUT from Japan, Elliot the Bull from Australia, and Your Favourite Enemies from Canada just to name a few. Local acts will include: Savakan Band, P!SCO, HiJack, HAMA, and Taiwan Soul Band.

Fulong Beach, Gongliao, New Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2499 2381

Outdoor | Love Foam Run

13 July

If you like foam and running, then this event will certainly tick both of those boxes. Love Foam Run is a great opportunity to let loose and trek 5K across the city of Taipei with the ultimate goal of being greeted by a massive pile of foam at the end of the finish line. Spaces go fast — there are only 3,000 spots — so register now to make sure you are able to participate. The ticket includes a t-shirt, towel, headband, water bottle, lunch – and staggering amounts of fun.

Various locations across the city

Art | Taipei Arts Festival

1 August – 7 September

Taipei Arts Festival is an annual event run by the Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs along with the Taipei Culture Foundation. The city is a growing hub for international artists and spectators alike to gather in a cultural exchange through the arts — and this festival is one of the key platforms that allow for this dialogue to happen. This year’s theme is ‘boosting the city’s imagination’, and their catchphrase is, ‘looking is at once discovery and creation’. The programme is set to include performances and installations by Tsai Ming-liang (with The Monk From Tang Dynasty), Munchner Kammerspiele (with Platform), Handspring Puppet Company (with Ubu and the Truth Commission), Anthony Hamilton (with Black Project 1), and Gandini Juggling (with Smashed) — to name but a few.

Taipei Zhongshan Hall, Zhongzheng, Taipei City, Taiwan, +886 02 2528 9580

Food | Taiwan International Culinary Exhibition

15 – 18 August

Not to be confused with the similarly named Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, the Taiwan International Culinary Exhibition event celebrates the range in diversity within authentic Chinese cooking and fusion cuisine in Taiwan. Organised by the Chinese Gourmet Association, Chao Chao International and Taiwan Michelin Gourmet, the event will be held at the Taipei World Trade Centre during the third weekend of August this summer. A great day off for foodies, the exhibition showcases the best of Taipei’s culinary culture.

Taipei World Trade Center, Xinyi, Taipei City, Taiwan, +886 02 2659 6000

Music | Battle of the Bands

17 – 18 August

Hosted by the 1914 Huashan Creative Park, the Battle of the Bands competition will see local bands hailing from across Taiwan battle it out on stage in a race to the top to be crowned the next big thing in the music scene. More details to come closer to the date, so keep an eye out on the Events Page of Huashan Creative Park’s official website to learn more.

1914 Huashan Creative Park, 1 Bade Road, Taipei City, Taiwan, +886 02 2358 1165

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Outdoor | The Colour Run: Taipei 2014

28 September

This event may run just a little past summer and into autumn, but we’ll let it slide and include it on our list because registration opens early and places go fast. Also, the annual Colour Run is not only great fun but also for a great cause, as this quirky paint race celebrates health, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community. With its first race started only two years ago, the event has already gained a following of over 600,000 runners from across the world participating to run the 5k course. Young and old, fit or frail, the race is open for all. The only requirement is a white shirt dress code at the official starting line and don’t be late for the 9:00 a.m. start.

Daija Riverside Park, Taipei City, Taiwan

Colour Run Taipei
Colour Run Taipei | Courtesy Colour Run Taipei