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Taipei's Top 10 Art Exhibitions You Should See in Summer 2014

Taipei's Top 10 Art Exhibitions You Should See in Summer 2014

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Updated: 3 January 2017
There’s always so much happening in Taiwan’s culturally vibrant capital of Taipei. From retrospectives of the nation’s most important contemporary artists to exhibitions of Chinese artifacts and the Taipei Biennial – the range of events is exhaustive. Culture Trip highlights the art exhibitions not-to-miss in Taipei’s galleries and museums over the coming summer months.
Taipei's Top 10 Art Exhibitions You Should See in Summer 2014
© Daniel Aguilera Sanchez/Flickr

Half a Century — Preeminent Printmakers Exhibition, Jia Art Gallery

6 June – 3 August

This exhibition hosted by the Jia Art Gallery showcases preeminent print-makers in Taiwan and China. It may sound simple enough, but prints will really allow the audience to experience the unique techniques and variations in styles of print from different periods throughout recent history – which is arguably a story in itself and reinforces the idea that the medium can in itself be the message. Prints featured will include artworks by Pan Yu-Liang, Walasse Ting, and Yayoi Kusama.

Jia Art Gallery, 30-3 Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2595 2449


A Retrospective: 1953 – 2013 by Chen Cheng-Hsiung, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

21 June – 17 August

Artist Chen Cheng-Hsiung is a local Taiwanese born and bred in Taipei City. Active from the 1930s to 50s, Chen explored the international arts scene by travelling abroad to exhibit his works in Japan, and even outside of Asiato North America and Europe. In this exhibition, A Retrospective: 1953 – 2013, around 80 of his paintings will be exhibited in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Chen’s style is abstract and intensely emotional, so visitors are sure to be in for a treat as they journey through the evolution of his works through the years in this retrospective.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 10461, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2595 7656


Eating Wind, VT Art Salon

21 June – 19 July

In Malaysia, eating wind is a common expression used by locals to refer to the idea of travel, or holiday. Fittingly, this exhibition will feature a collaboration between two curators from Taiwan and Malaysia respectively. 13 artists living in Malaysia were invited to create their works based on the concept of travel – or as the Malaysians prefer to call it, ‘eating wind’. Their works will be on display at the VT Art Salon this summer so drop by if you can and check it out.

VT Artsalon, B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, TaipeiCity 104, Taiwan, +886 02 2597 2525


Eating Wind
Eating Wind | Courtesy VT Artsalon

Animated in Blank by Jia Ming-Day, Digital Art Centre

21 June – 27 July

‘Art’ and ‘Blank’ may seem like oxymorons, but in this exhibition, artist Jia Ming-Day hopes to bring the audience into an exploration of the world of blank — the imaginary unknown space that is waiting to be filled. Various mediums will be used for communicating this experience with use of new media at the Digital Art Centre, Taipei. This exhibition comes at a very significant time in the artist’s life, as last year Jia’s heart momentarily stopped beating during an operation in what the artist refers to as a near-death experience.

Digital Art Centre, 180 Fuhua Road, Shihlin District, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 7736 0708


The Door is Always Open by Gary Baseman, Museum of Contemporary Art

28 June – 24 August

Gary Baseman is a multi-talented artist who needs little introduction. He wears many hats, including that of a curator, film producer, performance artist, painter and illustrator, and even toy designer. His works have also been published in Time magazine, The New Yorker, and Rolling Stone. This summer, you can view a wide display of his works in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

Museum of Contemporary Art, 39 Changan West Road, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2552 3721


The Lost Garden, Eslite Gallery

5 July – 10 August

Launched in 2013, the Eslite Gallery’s Young Artists Cross-Strait Exchange Exhibition Program presents The Lost Garden this summer — curated by Nobuo Takamori. Showcasing work by artists Yeh Wei-Li, Lee Jo-Mei, Lin Jin-Da, Lin Shu-Kai, and Chen Po-I, the exhibition will focus on the Taiwan’s past as inspired by the powers of life and death, with the ultimate gaze on the will to survive. This premise sets the stage for a powerful presentation of works that will inspire the audience to further contemplate the beauty of memories and its role in shaping the present world.

Eslite Gallery, 11 Songgao Road, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 8789 3388


A Database of Living Bodies: The Production of Image Variations With Colour Ink, AKI Gallery

5 July – 27 July

This exhibition hosted by the AKI Gallery will present the audience with coloured ink paintings by a group of talented artists including Yang Lan-Yin, Huang Po-Wei, and Hong Min-Yu. There will be more details to come on the details of the event closer to the date, so keep your eyes peeled and do check the gallery’s official website to stay up to speed as further information is announced.

AKI Gallery, 141 Min Tsu West Road, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2599 1171


Convolution by Tzeng Yong-Ning, Nou Gallery

5 July – 20 August

Nou Gallery will be presenting a solo exhibition this summer featuring local Taiwanese artist Tzeng Yong-Ning. Works featured will be primarily Tzeng’s recent oil paintings. The artist, born in 1978, studied at the Taipei National University of the Arts and has had his works showcased in solo exhibitions around the country.

Nou Gallery, 232-4 Renai Road, Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2700 0239


Nou Gallery
Courtesy Tzeng Yong-Ning and Nou Gallery

Landscape of Man, Michael Ku Gallery

5 July – 17 August

Landscape of Man is a special exhibition that introduces the art of Lou Ye’s cinema in collaboration with three contemporary Chinese artists: Song Kun, Wei Jia, and Qi Zing. As the title of this exhibition suggests, Landscape of Man will reflect on what it is to be human, and the complicated landscape that shapes this seldom simple concept. Time — or more specifically, a certain time and period in an individual’s life — will also be closely examined by the artists when it comes to this detailed examination of humanity. The depth of this exhibition is extremely ambitious and the audience will no doubt be thrust into a world beyond their own consciousness.

Michael Ku Gallery, 21-1 Dunhua South Road, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2577 5601


Taipei Biennial 2014: The Great Acceleration, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

13 September – 4 January 2015

The Taipei Biennial 2014 will present the audience with a wide variety of spectacles including live performances, film screenings, talks, readings, and more. In addition to being held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, other venues around the city will also be utilised for this event, so make sure to check out their website beforehand to ensure that you arrive at the right location if there’s something specific you would like to see. This year, the theme is ‘Art and Its New Ecosystem: A Global Set of Relations’.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 10461, Taipei, Taiwan, +886 02 2595 7656


Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Courtesy Taipei Fine Arts Museum