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Taichung's Top 10 Events and Festivals in Summer 2014
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Taichung's Top 10 Events and Festivals in Summer 2014

Picture of Michelle Cheng
Updated: 9 February 2017
Taiwan is about more than just Taipei. Beyond the capital lies a plethora of cities worth exploring, and Taichung is definitely one of them. With a laid-back vibe, Taichung has a wealth of pop-up art spaces, local foodie events and music festivals to attend this summer. Local culture is also very much alive in the city as well, which isn’t known as the heart of Taiwan for nothing.

Food | Taichung Wine and Spirit Festival

18 – 21 July

Visitors will be able to sample a wide variety of wine and spirit products exhibited at the Greater Taichung International Expo Centre this July, including red and white wine, still or sparkling wine, fruit wine, rice wine perhaps better known as sake, gin, whiskey, vodka, as well as a range of delectable brews for the most discerning palettes. If alcohol is not your thing and you consider yourself more of a teetotaller, then the next event might be more up your street.

Taichung Wine and Spirit Festival, Greater Taichung International Expo Centre, 161 Gaotie Road, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 02 2659 6000

Food | TeaCos 2014 — Taichung International Tea, Coffee, and Bakery Show

18 – 21 July

This annual trade show is all about tea and coffee — and to a lesser extent, baked goods as well. Even if you’re not in the industry, it can still be great fun to poke around and check out the latest trends in the tea and coffee sector; it’s not all that difficult to get in with proper planning and registration. The show is one of the largest of its kind where the professional beverage industry is concerned, so you can expect to see exhibitors from all around the world meeting in this Taiwanese city.

Taichung International Tea, Coffee, and Bakery Show, Greater Taichung International Expo Centre, 161 Gaotie Road, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 02 2725 5200

Art | Follow the Lines on a Journey Exhibition

Until 9 November

Art education is not necessarily only about nurturing future professional talent, but rather, it aims to bring out the inner-artist inside the everyman as its number one objective. Follow the Lines on a Journey is an exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine arts that is there to take its audience on a journey — with the ultimate destination being the appreciation for not only art inside a museum, but art that transcends life. It will feature 13 artworks from the museum’s collection including photography and paintings.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2-1 Wu Quan West Road, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 04 2372 3552

Art | Wang Shou-Ying — Observing Nature in Silence

Until 3 August

80 year old artist Wang Shou-Ying looks back on all the years of his life in his latest exhibition, Observing Nature in Silence. His artistic career has been an incredible one, and Wang shares journey with the audience in a very reflective and thoughtful manner. His paintings are very subjective and do not abide by the laws of realism. It is this unique perspective though that makes the artwork so special. This exhibition features over 50 of Wang’s paintings made since the 1970s.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2-1 Wu Quan West Road, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 04 2372 3552

Art | Wonder of Fantasy — 2014 International Techno Art Exhibition

Until 3 August

The 2014 International Techno Art Exhibition this year is all about exploring the visual experience and pushing the boundaries to how that can reshape and impact the culture of daily life through the way people see and perceive the world around them. The theme is Wonder of Fantasy, and just as the name suggests, the 20 pieces featured — 17 international and three local — stretch the imagination by venturing beyond the mundane.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2-1 Wu Quan West Road, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 04 2372 3552

Art | Chao Shih-Chuan — Inheritance and Refinement

Until 28 August

Taiwanese painter Chao Shih Chuan’s latest exhibition, Inheritance and Refinement, will be featured in the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts this summer until the end of August. Chao’s signature artistic style is in his careful mesh of the traditional and the modern in his works. This exhibition showcases over 50 of his paintings which covers a wide range of content including portraits and landscapes.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, 2-1 Wu Quan West Road, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 04 2372 3552

Music | Heart-Town Festival 2014

9 – 10 August

Heart-Town Festival 2014 takes place on the second weekend of August this summer in Taichung. An extravaganza of highly produced J-Pop and Canto-pop, the event is sure to be a hit with anyone under the age of 15. Also, this is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to the region to understand the power of the Hallyu cultural wave at it’s source: dancing around dressed as a neon sailor to Taiwanese pop may looks kitschy and kawaii, but the industry generates more income than American Hip Hop worldwide and is a force to be reckoned with. The impressive lineup includes Crossfaith, Finch, Architects, Issues, BORN, Sim, Retrospect, Rottengraffty, Dezember and more.

Heart-Town Festival 2014, 362-3 Fuxing Road, Taichung, Taiwan

Art | Taichung Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition 2014

15 July – 31 August

Now in its 19th year, this exhibition was originally founded as a local art competition. It has since grown into an international affair. This event is organised by the Taichung City Government in collaboration with Auckland Council — Taichung’s sister city. Over 1,500 artists around the world compete every year by submitting their works in one of the 11 categories: crafts, sculpture, digital art, photography, printmaking, watercolour painting, oil painting, glue colour painting, seal engraving, calligraphy and ink wash painting

The 19th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition, 99-3 Taiwan Boulevard, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 04 2228 9111

Music | Taichung Music Town

July – August

Music sounds so much better when it’s free. The 11th annual Music Town in Taichung is back this year and will be a wonderful display of outdoor musical performances around town. For a detailed schedule of performance times and venues, visit the Cultural Affairs Bureau website to learn more.

Events takes place in various locations across Taichung, +886 04 2228 9000

Culture | Jeju Teddy Bear Museum Exhibition

Until 12 October

The Jeju TeddyBear Museum in Seoul, South Korea is visiting Taiwan for the very first time — and Taichung is the place to see the bears in all their glory. The exhibition is at the Taichung Cultural and Creative Industry Park and tickets are required, so make sure you prepare in advance of your trip. As in the South Korea venue, you’ll discover everything you ever wanted to know about teddies, and will undoubtedly have numerous opportunities to snap a selfie with a bear or two while learning about Teddy Roosevelt, Steiff and Paddington Bear.

Taichung Cultural and Creative Industry Park, 362-3 Fuxing Road, Taichung, Taiwan, +886 04 2229 3079

By Michele Cheng