Delicious Snacks Every Traveller Should Try in Taiwan

You can't beat a bit of pineapple cake | Courtesy of SunnyHills
You can't beat a bit of pineapple cake | Courtesy of SunnyHills
Photo of Ciaran McEneaney
10 January 2019

Taiwan is famous for its incredible cuisine – from fried street foods to some of the world’s best seafood, this island has it all. But what if you just fancy a snack and you don’t feel like hitting the night market tonight? Well, you’re in luck – here’s our pick of the best snacks around.

Little Prince Noodles

No, these are not instant noodles, they are in fact a dry noodle snack that you eat right out of the bag. They come in a wide variety of flavors such as seaweed and even bacon, but the original are the best and most popular. Crispy, a little salty and incredibly tasty, this snack has been a favorite in Taiwan for generations.

Salty and crunchy Little Prince Noodles | © Solomon203 / WikiCommons


These are in fact a Japanese candy – however, the Taiwanese version which is made in Taiwan is slightly different in size and in range of flavors. They’re a soft-ish candy chew that comes in a few basic flavors such as lemon, apple, orange, and strawberry which are sweet and quite tasty. But if you keep an eye out you might spot some more exotic flavors such as lychee and dragon fruit, and there’s even a yogurt flavor which is pretty good.

Green apple Hi-Chews | © Henry Ngo / Flickr

Imei Gummy Choco Balls

Made by local food company Imei, these chocolate covered balls of gummy jelly are a real sweet lovers’ treat. The hard outer chocolate shell encases a fruit flavored candy with a gummy bear-like texture. They come in grape, strawberry, and mango (with white chocolate) or you can opt for their chocolate covered almonds if you prefer something a little less sweet.

Grape flavor is the best | © Ciaran McEneaney

Pineapple cakes

There are dozens of pineapple cake brands in Taiwan, each often with their own unique taste and texture. The most famous though are SunnyHills and Chia Te, and these are definitely the ones to watch out for. Shortcrust pastries with a sweet and tangy pineapple paste inside, they’re beyond delicious. They are incredibly popular snacks for both locals and tourists and you’ll find them everywhere.

Deliciously sweet and tangy pineapple cake | © mk2010 / WikiCommons

Lucky Stars

These spicy little potato snacks of yesteryear are enjoying a bit of renaissance, as they have teamed up with 7 Eleven to produce a branded version of their treats. They’re small, they’re peppery, and they’re seriously addictive. The cute little shaped snacks have been keeping locals crunching and munching for generations now, and they’re also hugely popular with tourists.

Peppery snack from heaven | © Ciaran McEneaney

Imei Puffs

Imei is one of the biggest food companies in Taiwan, so it’s no surprise that their treats feature heavily on any snack list. This particular treat is another one for the sweet lovers. Imei Puffs are a light puffy outer shell with a soft creamy filling and although they’re sweet, they’re also quite light. They come in strawberry, cream, milk, and chocolate flavor and you’ll find them in most supermarkets or in an Imei store.

Light but sweet | © Ciaran McEneaney

Xiao Mantou

These crispy little balls are super light and not too sweet. They’re like little pockets of crispy air – other than that there’s not much else to say about them, apart from the fact that they have been one of the most popular snacks in Taiwan for generations.

Yes, they’re called ball cakes | © Ciaran McEneaney

Taiwanese nougat

If you ever find yourself a guest in a Taiwanese home, then the chances are you’ll be offered some traditional nougat. How good it is depends on where it is made – some people even make it at home themselves. It’s usually quite hard but softens in your mouth and has some nuts mixed into the nougat. It’s the most traditional candy on the market and a real treat.

Almond nougat | © Hyuki / Pixabay

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