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View from the balcony of NK Hostel | Courtesy of NK Hostel
View from the balcony of NK Hostel | Courtesy of NK Hostel
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7 of the Hippest Hostels in Taipei

Picture of Ciaran McEneaney
Updated: 1 February 2018
With a flourishing tourism industry, Taipei has become a popular destination for backpackers and those traveling the world on a budget. And with so many travelers seeking affordable accommodation, competition has seen the city’s hostels up their game. From hip and cool to absolute luxury, here are some of the best hostels in the city for the thrifty traveler.
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Meander Hostel

Wanhua, one of the Taipei’s most historic neighborhoods, is home to the incredibly cool Meander Hostel. This hostel is an extremely popular place for backpackers and travelers on a budget. However, the fact that it’s affordable doesn’t mean that the owners scrimp on comfort. The rooms are very well maintained, and guests are encouraged to spend time in the public areas, dining together and getting to know their fellow travelers and the staff at the hostel. With public transport and plenty of history right on your doorstep, this is a pretty good base for a weekend in the city.

Meander Hostel, 163 Chengdu Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan

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Flip Flop Hostel

This hostel actually has two locations in the city, both of which are quite central and convenient. And to be honest, it’s tough to choose one over the other as both are pretty amazing. The colorful décor you’ll find throughout the two hostels adds a real summer vibe to your stay, while the staff are very friendly and make a real effort to keep their guests amused. From live music to food challenges, they know how to liven up the place and get everyone involved. The atmosphere at both Flip Flop hostels is seriously relaxed, making it a great place for getting to know people.

Flip Flop Hostel, 103 Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Flip Flop Hostel, 122, Changan West Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan

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Star Hostel

Guests at the uber-relaxing Star Hostel could easily forget they are in a city center hostel. The rooms are clean and comfortable with some having great views of the city, but it’s the lounge area downstairs that guests fall in love with. With a distinct Japanese-style décor, the Green Lounge is something of an oasis in the bustling central neighborhood of Datong. The wooden floors, furniture, and fittings, and the many plants give the place a serene feeling that makes it the ideal setting for a relaxing coffee after a day seeing the sights of Taipei.

Star Hostel, 4th Floor, 50 Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan

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Homey Hostel

The rather aptly named Homey Hostel is another central hostel that takes pride in offering that at-home feeling that backpackers won’t find in a hotel. The colorful rooms and super clean bathrooms are impressive, but like the other hostels on this list, it’s the staff and the atmosphere that really impress. They organize events and outings every week and can help you out with tickets for buses, trains, and local events. They even have happy hour beers every night.

Homey Hostel, 180 Changan West Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan

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Work Inn

Where the other hostels impress with their atmosphere, Work Inn impresses with its stylish décor. Exposed brick walls, wooden floors, and contemporary furniture make for an ultra-chic hostel where you can relax in comfort normally reserved for business hotels. But the most notable thing about this place is the fact that you get an LCD TV with headphones for every bed in the dorm. And if you fancy some privacy, you can have a tatami room all to yourself.

Work Inn, 9th Floor, 13 Gongyuan Road, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

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NK Hostel

For a complete home -away-from-home experience, NK Hostel is pretty hard to beat. Sofas and cushions in the living areas, a balcony with views of Taipei 101, and a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals – what more could you ask for? The staff are friendly and pretty cool and like to arrange events in-house such as live music. If you miss the comforts of home, then this could be the hostel for you.

NK Hostel, 399 Nanjing East Road Section 5, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

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Apartment 10F

Bean bags, wooden floors, a huge glass wall, and unrivaled views of the city make Apartment 10F one of the highlights on this list. As you may have guessed, it’s on the 10th floor, and while the building in which it is located is quite commonplace, once inside the door you’ll see that the owners have put a lot of effort into this place. It’s a quiet hostel with only two dorms (male and female) and a couple of private rooms, but this makes it ideal for the traveler that prefers some peace in the evening.

Apartment 10F, 10th Floor -1, 1 Chongqing North Road Section 1, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan