7 Fabulous Airbnbs in Taipei City

Spectacular views of the Danshui River | Courtesy of Airbnb
Spectacular views of the Danshui River | Courtesy of Airbnb
Photo of Ciaran McEneaney
25 January 2018

If you’re planning a visit to Taipei City, the one thing you won’t have to worry about is accommodation. With countless hotels to choose from and a seemingly endless list of budget hostels, you’re spoiled for choice. But what if you fancy a little more privacy? Here’s our pick of the most lavish Airbnbs in town.

A house with a view in Xizhi

Xizhi isn’t what you would call a tourist hub, in fact, most tourists are likely to never have even heard of this residential district. Located towards the mountains, this neighborhood is where you’ll find some incredible housing communities boasting stunning countryside views and fresh air.

The view from the rooftop | Courtesy of Airbnb

This house (which locals describe as a villa) is stunningly decorated and features all the comforts of home. From an outdoor seating area to the comfy living room, you’ll want for nothing staying at this place. Be warned though, it’s in the countryside, so a car is a must.

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Kitsch Taipei

Set over multiple floors, this is another villa-style house, but one that is much closer to the city itself. The interior decor is extremely kitsch and you’ll find gold everywhere in the house.

Multi-level living | Courtesy of Airbnb

This house has an incredible eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms! You’ll never have to worry about bathroom queues in this place. But that’s not all that’s impressive about this house. Each level has a balcony so you can sit outside and enjoy a coffee in the morning or a beer in the afternoon.

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Exclusive living

Located in an upscale community in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, this apartment gives you a taste of the lifestyle of Taipei‘s more affluent citizens.

Modern and very comfy | Courtesy of Airbnb

This one-bedroom apartment is opulent in every way, from the faux fur rugs to the wooden floors and Japanese-style seating area. It’s also ideally located just a short taxi or bus ride from Xinyi shopping area.

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Rooftop pool with a view

You’ll struggle to find anywhere in the city with a better view of Taipei 101 – this compact yet luxurious apartment has the most incredible rooftop pool.

Lounge in the sun by 101 | Courtesy of Airbnb

Not only does this place boast that spectacular view, but it’s also in the hottest area of the city. Take a walk around the local department stores before spending the afternoon with a drink by the pool. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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The White House

Ximen is one of Taipei city’s coolest neighborhoods, and while there are many hotels and hostels in the area, it’s not too often that you’ll find an Airbnb place like this in the area.

A minimalist’s paradise | Courtesy of Airbnb

This apartment has a great location, but it’s the minimalist interior that really sets it apart. In a time when so many holiday homes are super colorful and full of vintage or quirky furniture, it’s nice to see such a clean and simple design. You may need sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to light though; this place is bright!

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Panoramic river views

Located by Yangmingshan National Park (one of Taiwan’s most beautiful national parks), this property is an incredible find – located on the 29th floor, the views from the apartment’s many windows are simply breathtaking.

Modern interior design | Courtesy of Airbnb

The interior decor is modern and ultra-stylish with huge comfortable sofas and a large dining area. There’s even a small cinema screen in the living room. Here you can wake up to views of the river from your bed and enjoy a coffee on the balcony in the early morning sun.

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Location, location, location

This particular property is quite nicely decorated and has plenty of modern amenities inside. However, there’s only one thing that people think of when they book this place: the location.

Directly across the street from Taipei 101 | Courtesy of Airbnb

This two-bedroom apartment is in an apartment building directly across the street from 101, and just steps away from the MRT station. And yes, that is a private terrace that you get all to yourself, providing a perfect view for a fabulous evening with a drink in hand as the sun goes down.

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