10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Taiwan

Taipei 101 |©  Eugene Lim / Flickr
Taipei 101 |© Eugene Lim / Flickr
Taiwan is full of stunning seaside towns, incredible religious sites, and beautiful national parks. Among all of that natural beauty and man-made marvels of architecture lie some truly amazing spots that are perfect for Instagram. Here are 10 of the best.


Shopping Mall
Ximending | © Antonio Tajuelo / Flickr
Pick a spot, any spot. This cool neighborhood is one of the hippest places for the younger generation to be seen in Taipei and is full of shops, cafés, signage, and posters just begging for a place in the Instagram hall of fame.
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Quiet Baisha Beach in Kenting | © Wenchieh Yang / Flickr
The beach, the street, the national park, or the beach front Chateau hotel as seen in the photo below. Kenting is one of those places where you simply can’t fail to find an amazing spot for your Instagram feed.
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CKS Memorial Hall

CKS Memorial Hall Day or night, the photographic opportunities at this national landmark are quite literally endless. With turtles in the pond, soldiers on guard, and of course, the stunning architecture, this is a spot where Instagrammers can spend a whole day.
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Jiufen Old Street

Historical Landmark, Museum
Jiufen Old Street This narrow street in the old mining town of Jiufen is a must-visit spot for any tourist looking for a day trip from Taipei. The combination of old traditional lanterns and the many old shops and stores that line the street make for an ideal shot.
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These recommendations were updated on January 10, 2019 to keep your travel plans fresh.