10 Great Factory Tours to Take in Taiwan

Taiwan Glass Gallery | © Wei-ti Wong / Flickr
Taiwan Glass Gallery | © Wei-ti Wong / Flickr
With tourism in Taiwan at an all-time high, its many factories have taken an interesting step to take advantage of the huge numbers of visitors spending time in the region. Once a textile and manufacturing giant, many industries have seen a slump in profits in recent years, and so they have turned to the tourist dollar to make ends meet. Factory tours are big business in Taiwan and of the 130 or so that you can take throughout the island here are some of the best.

Lucky Art Crayon Factory

Making your own markers | © Tzuhsun Hsu / Flickr
Lucky Art is one of the most established factory tours on the list. Originally started to promote the factory products and to show local children how their art supplies are made, this is an incredibly popular tour for families. Here you can make your own crayons and have your face painted by staff at the factory.
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Kavalan Whiskey Distillery

Tasting at Kavalan | © Connie / Flickr
A must for any whiskey lover is the tour of the distillery in Yilan. Here you can learn about the distilling process and enjoy some tasting sessions with the distillery staff. There’s also a restaurant/food hall where you can enjoy your lunch after the tour.
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Puli Paper Factory

Ever wondered how they make paper? Well, you can learn all about it in the paper factory in Puli. Converted to a tourist attraction in 2007 this factory is now dedicated to teaching visitors about the local paper industry. There are tons of DIY activities that you can get involved in here.
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Yingge Ceramics Street

So this isn’t quite a factory tour as such. The old street in Yingge is full of old ceramics factories that have been turned into stores. Here you can make your own pottery and even take a walk through an old kiln. A great day trip just outside Taipei where you can find some wonderful souvenirs.
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Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory

Restaurant, Dessert
Delicious treats | © Joke Chien / Flickr
More of a cultural park connected to a factory, this large sugar factory is now a hugely popular tourist attraction. Locals often spend the weekend here dining in the restaurant and enjoying the products from the factory itself. From ice cream to deliciously sweet candy, you can sample it all on this tour.
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Chimei Happiness Factory

Museum, Shop
Chimei Museum
Chimei Museum | Chimei Museum
The brilliantly named Happiness Factory is a great tour for foodies. Here at the Chimei factory visitors learn about the various food manufacturing processes before getting a chance to sit down and make their own handbaked goods. There’s also a great shop selling tons of Chimei’s products.
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These recommendations were updated on January 11, 2019 to keep your travel plans fresh.