The 10 Best Things to See and Do on Penghu's Islands

Penghu Fireworks Festival | © Wei-Te Wong / Flickr
Penghu Fireworks Festival | © Wei-Te Wong / Flickr
Photo of Ciaran McEneaney
31 January 2018

There’s no doubt that the group of islands and islets known as Penghu (or the Pescadores) is one of the most scenic destinations in Taiwan. Located just off the west coast of Chiayi County, Penghu has everything from stunning beaches to a rich cultural heritage. Here’s our pick of the best experiences around.

Play in the sand on Jibei Sand Beak (Tail)

Jibei Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the islands and with good reason. Not only is the beak-shaped stretch incredibly clean and the waters crystal clear, but it’s also a great spot for watersports. Don’t worry though, the action is limited to one side of the beak, while the other is where you can relax in the calm waters.

Jibei Island, Penghu County, Taiwan

See a 300-year-old Banyan Tree

Tongliang Banyan Tree is an incredible blend of architecture and nature. The legend goes that a ship sank nearby and a seed from its cargo floated ashore where it took root and began to grow. A temple was later built nearby, and over the centuries the temple and tree have become inseparable.

Tongliang Park, Baisha Island, Penghu County, Taiwan

Visit the Whale Cave

This unusual rock formation looks a little like a whale from a Disney movie if you look at it from the right angle. Formed by constant crashing of the waves against the headland in stormy weather, it’s another nice photo opportunity. Plus, you can take in Xiaomen Geological Museum on the same trip.

Xiaomen Island, Penghu County, Taiwan

Watch the Fireworks Festival

Penghu Fireworks Festival runs from April to June with a number of displays and shows taking place throughout this period. Held in various locations, it’s an incredible spectacle and one that you can’t miss if visiting the islands during this time. Check out the local government website for more info.

Check out the forts on Xiyu

There are two forts on Xiyu which were both once extremely important military locations. Here you’ll see old cannons and tunnels complete with old artillery shells. Visiting both forts is a great way to spend an afternoon as both are quite close to one another.

Cannon on Xiyu West Fort | © Wei-Te Wong / Flickr

Visit the Sea Turtle Center

This conservation center takes care of injured sea turtles and releases them back into the wild when they are fit to take care of themselves. It’s a wonderful place and the fact that it’s on Wangan Island give you a great excuse to make the trip away from the main islands.

Wangan Island, Penghu County, Taiwan, +886 6 999 1368#111

Walk through the Erkan Old Residences

Here you’ll find about 50 house set along the coast in Xiyu. They are private residences, but the locals are very proud of their homes and are happy to allow tourists to take photos of their unique dwellings. Decorated with every conceivable material salvaged from the ocean or mined from the local area, this is a quaint neighborhood that you won’t want to leave.

Xiyu Island, Penghu County, Taiwan