The Best Places to Go Batik Shopping in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Beautiful batik by Nithya | Courtesy of Nithya
Beautiful batik by Nithya | Courtesy of Nithya
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Sri Lanka Hub Writer11 January 2018

Batik is a textile art practice that uses wax and ink to create designs and patterns. Batik is believed to have originated thousands of years ago in Egypt, the Middle East and Asia independently. The batik craft in Sri Lanka is inspired mostly by Indonesian-style batik and can be found in all sorts of garments and textiles. From classic designs to more contemporary fashions, batik is an important part of Sri Lankan fashion and textile manufacture. Batik can be found in classic sarees and Western-style clothing. Keep reading to find out the best places to buy batik in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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Swanee was created in 1968 by Swanee Jayawardene, one of the elite group of artists of that time. All batik and tie-dye artists at Swanee have been trained by Swanee herself and their creations are available at the brand’s store. Unique and timeless garments, along with homeware and textile accessories, are available in their store.


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Colourful batik dress
Colourful batik dress | Courtesy of SALT
With a contemporary take on the batik craft, SALT has a beautiful collection of colourful designs in garments of all kinds, from sarees to dresses, skirts and even rompers. The designers at SALT are always releasing new collections with new batik designs. Shop SALT’s collection at their boutique shop.

Buddhi Batiks

Buddhi Batiks is a family-owned artisan workshop and business that has been a classic institution in Sri Lanka since 1970. The Buddhi Batik workshop in the village of Koswadiya is an inclusive and educational centre where older batik artisans teach younger ones the technique. Then, the designs are created from their own imagination. Garments created with handmade batik textiles range from sarees to bikinis and even children’s clothes. Buddhi Batik can be found in the boutique on Ward Place.

Buddhi Batiks, 32 Ward Pl, Colombo, +94 11 2689488


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Couture batik by INDI
Couture batik by INDI | Courtesy of INDI
INDI is one of the young designers taking Colombo (and soon, the world) by storm. Her batik designs are innovative and fun, while remaining classic and modern. Her boutique store, INDI & Co, showcases her retail batik clothing as well as other designers. She also has a couture batik collection that is made to order. She can be contacted for custom made pieces via her Facebook page.


Nithya is a contemporary designer who creates plenty of modern and classic garments, along with unique batik creations. Nithya’s batik designs are innovative and special – they’re definitely out of the norm. The latest sports saree collection is reminiscent of sportswear with numbers on the back. Find Nithya’s batik clothing in different boutiques in Colombo and find out who has stock via the Nithya Facebook page.

Sports batik designs by Nithya | Courtesy of Nithya

Fashion Market

The online fashion mecca, Fashion Market, has the largest collection of Sri Lankan designer wear. There are lots of batik options on the Fashion Market’s website to choose from. If you are in Sri Lanka, you can order online to wherever you are staying as shipping is free island-wide. Fashion Market also offers international shipping if you are looking for batik clothing from abroad.