Where To Stay In Colombo, Sri Lanka

Where To Stay In Colombo, Sri Lanka
With an intriguing heritage and a dazzling culture, Sri Lanka‘s capital is quickly becoming one of Asia’s favored travel destinations. Whether you are stopping by for a business trip or passing through, Colombo offers excellent hotels for every taste and budget. Here, we have selected the 10 best hotels to book in Colombo.
Casa Colombo © Courtesy of Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo is one of the city’s most dazzling hotels managing to combine modern design styles with the beauty of a 200 years-old Moorish mansion. Once the home of a wealthy Indian family, the building is decorated with mosaic floors, arches and molded ceilings, making for a truly magical stay. The hotel is a stone’s throw away from the bustling financial district, while managing to retain a certain secluded atmosphere to which visitors can retreat after a long day.

The Ocean Front

True to its name, The Ocean Front offers dazzling views of the Indian Ocean; and is one of the most beautiful places to catch the sunset. The chic hotel adheres to modern designs and has been fitted with all modern luxuries. The hotel prides itself on its excellent staff, which will do its utmost to provide a memorable stay while never being obtrusive. Why not breath in the fresh sea air from the terrace, marvel at the beauty of your surroundings and rest your head with the sounds of the ocean in the background?

The Ocean Front © Courtesy of The Ocean Front

Tintagel Colombo

Tintagel Colombo has seen a number of distinguished guests pass through its walls – from the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to other elite clientele from around the world. The premium hotel offers 10 unique suites, while the professional staff is happy to provide any additional comforts. Situated in one of Colombo’s most prestigious neighborhoods, the Tintagel Colombo continues to make a name for itself as one of the most exclusive destinations in the city.

Address: 65, Rosmead Pl, Colombo, Sri Lanka, +94 11 4 602060

Lake Lodge

Lake Lodge is a family-owned hotel which has been providing travelers with magnificent accommodation for several years. Located in Colombo’s business district, it offers 12 charming double rooms and a garden suite, which have all been uniquely furnished by the owner himself. Providing a ‘home away from home’ feel, the hotel’s well-trained staff aims to make its guests as comfortable as possible. Additionally, the hotel features an exquisite restaurant with an extensive lunch and dinner menu. Whether on holiday or business, Lake Lodge is one of the most charming places to rest your head.

Address: Alvis Terrace, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka, +94 11 2 326443, +94 11 2 326443

Lake Lodge © Courtesy of Lake Lodge

Colombo Courtyard

With its elegant blend of rustic charm and modern luxury, the Colombo Courtyard counts among the city’s most exceptional stays. True to the idea of sustainable hospitality, the hotel has been designed in natural themes with some contemporary elements mixed in. The hotel features several restaurants, a rooftop café, a bar and lounge and even a charming library. Colombo Courtyard is not only one of the most unique hotels in Sri Lanka. but is also recognized throughout Southeast Asia for its world class service.

Colombo Courtyard Courtesy of Colombo Courtyard

Galle Face Hotel Colombo

Galle Face Hotel is one of the city’s most iconic buildings, dating back as far as 1864. It counts amongst the oldest hotels east of the Suez and is located on the famous Galle Face Green. The hotel stands as an elegant symbol of a bygone era of splendor and sophistication as it was originally built by British entrepreneurs during the colonial area. While retaining its cultural heritage, Galle Face Hotel has subtly adapted itself to modernity. It continues to be counted among Sri Lanka’s best hotels; and was even featured on a post stamp in 2012.

Address: No. 2, Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka, + 94 11 2 541010, + 94 11 2 541010

Galle Face Hotel © Courtesy of Galle Face Hotel

Havelock Bungalow

The Havlock Bungalow was one of the city’s first boutique hotels. Tucked away on a side street, Havelock Bungalow’s buildings date back to the colonial era and have since been lovingly restored and adapted to modern tastes. The Havelock Place offers one of the most secluded and tranquil environments in the midst of the bustling city and can be described as a luxury oasis. Apart from standard rooms, the hotel also offers extensive suites, which provide the perfect rest after a long journey.

Drift BnB

Backpackers and budget travelers will be thrilled with Drift BnB, a centrally located hotel just minutes away from a slew of restaurants, galleries and shops. The hotel offers private as well as shared rooms with all necessary comforts – from hot showers to speedy wi-fi and a cozy lounge area in which visitors can meet fellow travelers. The friendly service is more than happy to provide tips and help out where necessary, ensuring you have a rewarding stay.

Address: 646 Galle Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka, +94 11 2 505536

Drift BnB © Courtesy of Drift BnB

The Wallawwa

The Wallawwa boutique hotel is located just a stone’s throw away from Colombo airport and is one of the finest addresses in the city. The renovated manor house has been standing for more than two centuries and is surrounded by magnificent tropical gardens. The dazzling hotel is the ideal spot to re-energize; and offers a soothing spa and stunning outdoor pool where visitors can while away the sunny days. The Wallawwa has recently been rewarded the Traveller’s Choice award in three categories, which comes as no surprise given its professional service and impeccable rooms.

Address: B288, Kotugoda, Sri Lanka, +94 11 2 281050, +94 11 2 281050

The Wallawwa © Courtesy of The Wallawwa

Mount Lodge

Mount Lodge is situated in Colombo’s charming Mount Lavinia district, which attracts its visitors with its beautiful beaches and tranquil atmosphere. The magnificent hotel was designed by one of Sri Lanka’s finest architects and skillfully uses light, air and space to enhance the mood of the place. Mount Lodge offers three rooms with extensive communal areas, which all feature unique elements. In the tropical gardens, visitors can find authentic Buddha statues, flourishing ferns and rustic wooden furniture, ideal for an afternoon stroll or a quiet retreat with a book. If you are looking to escape from the noise of the city, make your way to Mount Lodge and experience a peaceful ambiance in the heart of Colombo.