10 Of The Best Restaurants In Kandy, Sri Lanka

10 Of The Best Restaurants In Kandy, Sri Lanka
The green and serene city of Kandy is not only the second largest city in Sri Lanka, but also home of The Temple of the Tooth Relic, one of the Buddhist world’s most sacred places of worship. Situated amid green hills, lush tea plantations and rice paddies, Kandy charms its numerous guests with the beautiful Sinhalese architecture and delicious cuisine. Here are the top ten restaurants in Kandy.
Kandy Muslim Hotel
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Kandyan Muslim Hotel (Pvt) Ltd, Kandy

Kandyan Muslim Hotel (Pvt) Ltd, Kandy | Courtesy Helga's Folly

Despite its title, the Muslim Hotel is not a hotel at all, but a small and lively eatery offering the best of traditional and hearty Sri Lankan cuisine. Situated near the Lord Kataragama Temple, this restaurant is always bustling. It offers authentic tastes of Sri Lankan food, from plate-sized naan and extremely spicy curries to tasty samosas and delicious koththu roti – a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from chopped and fried Sri Lankan roti, egg, vegetables and spices. As cutlery is not generally used in Sri Lanka, or at least at the local eateries, guests are expected to eat their meal using their right hand.

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Helga’s Folly

Located in the hills of peaceful and serene Kandy city, the kitschy and quirky boutique hotel Helga’s Folly is unique. The deeply eccentric interior design is a combination of 1940s Hollywood glam and the visual aesthetics of 19th-century horror stories, creating a one of a kind atmosphere. It’s full of huge candelabras, antique artifacts and original art pieces, including giant wax sculptures and impressive mural paintings. The hotel has been a favorite holiday spot for many celebrities since the Second World War, ranging from the leader of Indian nationalism, Mahatma Gandhi, to famous actor couple Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. The food is equally good, making Helga’s Folly a perfect destination for a relaxed lunch or afternoon drinks.

Mahamaya Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka, +94 814 474 314

Helga's Folly
Courtesy Helga’s Folly

Kandy House

The palatial villa of the last Chief Minister of the Kandyan kingdom, Kandy House has been converted into a lovely designer boutique hotel and restaurant. The 18th-century manor house, which was the first building apart from royal residences to be built with roof tiles, charms its guests with a lush green garden and a beautiful view over the rice paddy fields. The restaurant features a delightful mixture of European fusion and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, including such specialties as poached fillet of para fish with jasmine rice or beef massaman curry with broccoli and basmati rice. Kandy House restaurant is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner, often served in the lovely old verandah surrounded by flickering lanterns.

Amunugama, Gunnepana, Kandy, Sri Lanka, +94 81 492 1394