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Cosmetics on display in South Korea | © Mimsie Ladner
Cosmetics on display in South Korea | © Mimsie Ladner

The Top Cult Korean Beauty Products

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Updated: 6 March 2017
New to K-beauty? From multi step cleansing products and animal print sheet masks to colorful cosmetics and BB cream, these are the cult-favorite Korean beauty items that you absolutely must try.

Banila Co. Clean It Zero

This bestselling cleanser is in a semisolid form when you scoop it out, but melts into an oil type makeup and residue remover as you apply it to your face. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, but powerful enough to rid of pore clogging impurities with no oily residue.

Neogen Green Tea Foaming Cleanser

Many liquid cleansers out there are primarily made up of water and detergent, but this one contains mostly fermented actives, like green tea leaves that contain antioxidants that protect and nourish as they cleanse. Another advantage of this cleanser is that it not only washes away dirt and sebum, but leaves the skin feeling soft and supple rather than tight and dry.

. NEOGEN REAL FRESH CLEANSING STICK GREEN TEA . IDR 315k (FREE Ongkir) #sng_neogen #sng_skincare . An innovative stick cleanser that helps draw out dirt, oil and impurities to cleanse deeply. (80g) 💕 Product Details: • Helps Cleansing Makeup & dirts from pores • Formulated with Green Tea Leaf (99%) & natural ingredients for gentle, mild cleansing • Contains Green Tea Seed Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to soothe and prevent skin drying out after cleansing • Removes dead skin cells & cleanse deep inside pores effectively for a smoother, healthier, brighter complexion • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin 💕 How to use: 1. Twist the bottom of the tube to reveal 1cm of cleansing stick. 2. Massage cleansing stick directly onto damp face in a circular motion until makeup melts. 3. Add more water to your face to make a lather, rinse off with lukewarm water.

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Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel

Although Dr. Jart+ is now a household name worldwide, their recently released Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel is one of their best products yet. Made from coconut milk, the peel is not only helpful in exfoliating for softer skin and minimizing pores, it’s also incredibly gentle on sensitive skin.

#요즘리뷰 #닥터자르트 #더마클리어마이크로밀크필 #더마클리어마이크로메이크업리무버 저 밀크필이 진짜 좋아서 쓰는 후기👍 같이 동봉되어있는 화장솜이 진짜 좋던데, 그렇다고 이화장솜만으로 필링이 되진 않을것같고 그렇다는 ㅋㅋ 두층으로 나뉘어져있는거 쉐끼쉐끼해서 화장솜에 촵촵촵 〰〰 화장솜 양쪽면으로 앞뒤로 골고루 러빙해주고 약1분후 세안하는 그런 제품! 그래서 화장실에 두고세안직후에 사용하면 좋을것 같다고 생각했음 ✨ 이거로 화이트헤드나 피지부분을 동글동글 계속 돌리면서 화장솜해주니까 코가 뻥 뚫리는 느낌 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 피지제거 진짜 잘됐음 ❕ 열감으로 모공을 여는 제품은 아니니까 사용후에 뚫린 모공정리는 개별로 신경써야할듯하고, 생각보다 소요시간도 많이 안들었는데다가 이제껏 못봤던 효과라 당분간은 찬양하고다닐것같음 추천 🙌🙌 . . . . #화장품 #화장품리뷰 #화장품후기 #리뷰 #후기 #더마클리어 #각질제거 #화장품그램 #뷰티 #뷰스타그램 #뷰티스타그램 #뷰티그램 #코덕 #코덕스타그램 #필링 #화장품추천 #마이크로밀크필 #drjart #dermaclearmicromilkpeel #dermaclearmicromakeupremover #dermaclear #peeling #cosmetics #skincare #like #instalike

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Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Koreans understand the importance of weekly exfoliating. It allows your skin to better absorb skincare products, promotes blood circulation and removes excess residue that leads to breakouts. This wash off mask’s black sugar ingredients help to nourish and hydrate the skin, while its natural texture gently removes dead skin cells.

SNP Animal Masks

Made with natural pulp and moisturizing coconut water, these masks are as hydrating as they are adorable. Each animal mask boasts a uniquely designed pattern, each with its own special properties such as brightening or wrinkle care. Replenish your dry skin while looking as powerful as a dragon or as loveable as a koala.

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

This lightweight serum utilizes green tea leaves and seeds from Korea’s Jeju Island to add suppleness to the skin. Apply it to your bare face immediately after washing to lock in moisture and enhance the effects of masks, creams or other skincare products you might use.

พร้อมส่ง🎈Innisfree The green tea seed serum 80 ml. ราคาเริ่ดค่า 630 บาท เซรั่มยอดฮิตจาก innisfree บำรุงผิวหน้าสารสกัดจากเมล็ดชาเขียว ทำให้ผิวเรียบเนียน ชุ่มชื่นจากภายในอย่างล้ำลึก!! ด้วยคุณค่าจากสารสกัดชาเขียว 100% อุดมไปด้วยกรดอะมิโนและแร่ธาตุจากใบชาเขียวที่ช่วยเติมเต็มความชุ่มชื่นให้กับผิว ผสานเทคโนโลยี Dual Moisture-Rising Technology™ จากชาเขียวและน้ำจากเมล็ดชา ช่วยบำรุงผิวหน้าเป็นเกาะคุ้มกันลดการสูญเสียน้ำจากใต้ผิว ทำให้ The Green Tea Seed Serum เป็นผลิตภัณฑ์ที่จำเป็นหลังล้างหน้าที่จะช่วยบำรุงผิวและปกป้องความชุ่มชื่นจากผิวหน้า #innisfreethailand #innisfreegreenteaseedserum #คสอเกาหลีของแท้พร้อมส่ง #คสอพร้อมส่ง #sbntown #etudethailand #skinfoodthailand รีวิว

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Missha The First Treatment Essence

This holy grail of K-skincare has become a must-have product for Korean beauty addicts worldwide. Every night and every morning after cleansing and toning, dab this essence onto your face, let it soak in, and watch your skin get brighter and more supple in just a few weeks.

#readypskb MISSHA Time revolution FTE INTENSIVE MOIST 150ml rp 500rb Highly concentrated essential essence for the first step of skin care to recover rhythm and to make radiant and healthy skin by raising skin moisture and radiance level. Photos from missha korea official #Pskbmissha #jualmissha #jualmisshaori #jualmisshaasli #jualmisshakorea #misshaskincare #olshopjakarta #jualmisshafirsttreatmentessence #misshafirsttreatmentessence #misshaskincare #misshabeautycare #misshatimerevolution #misshafte #misshafirsttreatmentessence #misshafteintensivemoist #misshatimerevolutionthefirstessenceintensivemoist #misshathefirstessenceintensivemoist #jualmisshatimerevolution #jualmisshafte #jualmisshafirsttreatmentessence #jualmisshafteintensivemoist #jualmisshatimerevolutionthefirstessenceintensivemoist #jualmisshathefirstessenceintensivemoist #misshaftemoist #jualmisshaftemoist #misshafteintensive #jualmisshafteintensivemoist

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Missha Mild Essence Sun Milk

Unlike most sunscreens, this one is surprisingly light and absorbs into the skin quickly and effortlessly, without leaving any white cast behind. The SPF50/PA+++ provides broad-spectrum protection to minimize wrinkles and sun damage, while the essence moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream

This five in one egg white cream takes care of all your skincare needs simultaneously: serum, moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream and overnight mask. It doesn’t get any more egg-celent than this.

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

Don’t let its name put you off. Snail mucin is actually a pretty amazing skincare ingredient that’s packed with nutrients that stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin (bye bye, wrinkles), repair damaged skin and restore hydration. This cream in particular is packed with the stuff, is lightweight and, as an added bonus, has a refreshing scent.

IOPE Air Cushion XP

The IOPE Air Cushion, the first cushion compact on the market, is a product that will undoubtedly change your world. The unique, formula soaked sponge has all the advantages of a BB cream, anti-aging, moisturizing, even skin coverage and SPF protection, but also comes with a non absorbing puff that wicks the formula off the sponge and applies seamlessly onto your face.

IOPE AIR CUSHION XP . Code Available: Cover C21, C23 Guna spt bedak biasa. IOPE ini cream magic yg sesuai utk semua jenis kulit normal, sensitif, oily maupun kering. All in one : – Base make up ( dasar make up ) – Foundation – Concealer – Two way cake KEISTIMEWAAN: 🎀Melindungi kulit dr sinar matahari (dgn spf yg tinggi spt cushion lainnya iaitu SPF 50+ / PA+++) 🎀Sweat-Proof (tahan peluh) 🎀Dermatologist Tested 🎀Dibuat dr 30% Hydro-Mineral Water 🎀Mencerahkan wajah & lebih gebu (mengandungi 30% essence pencerah + pelembab) 🎀Cooling Effect 🎀Ringan, mudah dibawa 🎀Tahan cukup lama, lebih 12jam 🎀Sesuai utk yg suka makeup natural 🎀Menutupi kekurangan di wajah spt redness, jeragat, jerawat, parut dsb CARA PEMAKAIAN: Pakai pd awal make up setelah menggunakan skincare, ketika memakai foundation atau ketika berada di luar pd siang hari (boleh dipakai sebelum @ selepas memakai make up) – Sebelum make up: oleskan di span bedak & oleskan merata di wajah – Selepas make up: oleskan di span bedak, lalu usapkan dgn cara ditekan-tekan lembut di wajah. #iope #iopemurah #iopeaircushionxp #iopeaircushion

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Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

With over 30 million sold worldwide, this BB Cream is one of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. It provides anti-aging benefits and UV protection, while smoothly concealing dark spots and blemishes.

Clio Waterproof Pen Liner

This multifaceted liner is available in both black and brown, and provides the drama of a liquid liner with the accuracy of a pen, not to mention it doesn’t smudge. With a quick swipe, make thick or thin lines that will stay on and define your eyes all day long.

Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

While this sheer lip gloss/balm hybrid has the magical ability to look great on everyone, its formula is really what sets it apart from the rest. Tomato seed oil works to hydrate your lips, keeping your pout as pretty as the three colors it comes in.

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher

Available in over 10 shades that either create a rosy blush or contour the face, Tony Moly’s Crystal Blusher series defines and adds dimension to your look. With just a few simple strokes, the velvety blush adheres to the skin smoothly and adds a natural tone.