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Seafood |© Seoulful Adventures Flickr
Seafood |© Seoulful Adventures Flickr

The Top Seafood Restaurants In Busan, South Korea

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Those who do adore seafood but live inland often miss out on quality and freshness when it comes to their dining preferences. When you have the opportunity to visit a great coastal city like Busan, seize your chance to appreciate the seafood that has been caught and artfully prepared on the very same day. Here’s our list of the top five seafood restaurants in Busan, South Korea.



What better way to relish seafood than in a an open-air tent restaurant that is nestled by the coastline of the Cheongsapo neighborhood. Guests can tuck into local delicacies that are rich with the salty aroma of the ocean. Grilled clams, together with SoMac, is a definite favorite among the diners who frequent this establishment. Each table is fitted with a mini grill, enabling guests to cook what they have ordered and tailor their meal to their preferences. For a more authentic introduction to the marine staples of South Korea, be sure to frequent this humble and welcoming restaurant.


Address & Telephone Number: 60, Cheongsapo-ro128beon-GilBusan, South Korea, +82 51 703 3586

Millak Town Raw Fish Center