The Best Late-Night Eats in Seoul

Seoul by night | © Philippe Teuwen/Flickr
Seoul by night | © Philippe Teuwen/Flickr
Here are the best places to grab a bite after dark in Seoul before taking the night cab home.


Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary

Opened by an aspiring Seoul fashion designer, Sikmul is a hip indie café during the day and a bar by night. Located in one of Seoul’s trendiest neighborhoods, Sikmul was one of the first locations to open in Ikseondong. Visitors will instantly feel at home in the modernized Korean hanok house and can sip on a variety of classy and modern drinks.

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Kim's Midnight Kitchen

Bar, Restaurant, Japanese

Inspired by a tiny restaurant in a Japanese comic, Kim’s Midnight Kitchen in Seoul’s Sansudong neighborhood offers tasty Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for barbecued teriyaki dishes or simply steamed rice with a variety of toppings, you won’t leave with an empty stomach.

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Sangsu-dong RamenTruck

Food Truck, Restaurant, Japanese, Korean, $$$
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Khaosan Road

Restaurant, Thai, $$$

One of the best late-night Thai restaurants in town, Khaosan Road started as a food truck and is now a late-night eatery for clubbers and night owls in Seoul’s Hongdae area. If dishes like tom yum soup and tom yum ramen aren’t enough to fully satisfy your taste buds after midnight, go for the delicious Pad Thai.

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Monster Pizza

Pizzeria, American, Fast Food, Vegetarian, Vegan

If you are craving pizza and beer at 4am in the morning, Monster Pizza has got you covered. What’s special about this place is that their tomato sauce is no joke. Shipped straight from the US, Monster Pizza makes some of the finest pies in the city. A lot of late-night clubbers end up here because of the outstanding quality and low prices.

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Ankara Picnic

Restaurant, Turkish

Conveniently located near Itaewon Station, this lovely Turkish restaurant makes some of the most delicious kebabs in town. Being a popular late-night snack around the world, Turkish kebab is also popular among Seoul’s night owls. While competitors have come and gone, Ankara Picnic has been true to its concept of offering fresh and authentic dishes, making it one of Seoul’s most iconic late night eats.

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Restaurant, Korean, $$$

This fairly new restaurant specializes in chicken skewers that come with perilla leaves and sticky rice cakes on the side. Mixing traditional flavors with modern tastes, it is definitely a winner among the late-night eats in the city. On top of that, prices are affordable and the quality is superb.

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