The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Busan, South Korea

Rice salad herb in lotus leaf packaging│© Krisda/Shutterstock
Rice salad herb in lotus leaf packaging│© Krisda/Shutterstock
Photo of Naintara Gurung
9 February 2017

The coastal city of Busan in South Korea is renowned for its art events, its sea trade economy and lively street markets. Busan reserves its thriving culinary scene for those with vegetarian and vegan diets though, so come savor a native blend of flavors at the best meat-free restaurants here.

Dolsotbap, South Korea | © Junho Jung/WikiCommons


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This traditional old tea house located just above ‘Wa Bar’ serves authentic Korean cuisine and offers a complimentary pot of tea. There is an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy signature dishes such as the Lotus Leaf Rice. Their best-selling item, the steamed mandu (vegan dumplings), is cooked using minced vegetables, shredded kimchi, tender bean sprouts and crispy green onions wrapped in a creamy dough. While the crispy veggie pancake is a favorite with young students at Dajeon, the pan-fried tofu is another local treat that will thrill your tastebuds.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Serving Korean fusion cuisine, this restaurant run by Sophia Lee is a paradise for vegans located in Namcheon. Serving vegetarian delicacies and defending eco-friendly policies, the restaurant steers clear from processed foods and instead cooks every one of their wholesome meals using the freshest produce and genetically unaltered vegetables. If you have a particular craving for sauteed vegetables, step inside Jack and the Beanstalk. The restaurant also offers a westernized blend of green smoothies, veggie burgers and much more.

At the counter | Courtesy of Jack and the Beanstalk

Loving Hut – Hairlatte

If you’re a vegan urbanite looking for a spread of organic food, Loving Hut is the place to visit. If you’re eager to try a Vietnamese-inspired menu this is also the place for you. A meal of Khongkatsu (Bean Katsu) offers a rich blend of native spices, while the fresh salad and creamy soup served before your meal are pleasing appetizers. This miniature restaurant, part of a leading chain of international restaurants, has a light menu, friendly staff and a warm ambience. The restaurant is perfect for a mid-day snack or a late breakfast and it is popular among young people, giving the place a lively atmosphere.

Vegan Noodle Soup | © Catkin/Pixabay

Nayuta Cafe

Serving a wide range of vegan dishes, Nayuta Cafe lets you savor fresh organic ingredients with its wonderful selection of homemade dishes. From Japanese delicacies to Vietnamese coffee, this miniature café is the ideal place to enjoy a plateful of grilled mushrooms in a peaceful ambience. The café is located away from the city’s bustle and has a rustic décor, tasty food and a friendly staff. It also features an art exhibition too, every now and then.

Vegan Meal at Nayuta Cafe | Courtesy of Nayuta Cafe


Benekong is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant that offers an Italian-inspired menu. If you enjoy the textures of the mozzarella-filled Margarita pizza or love the flavors of creamy pasta, you’ll love the menu here. Located on the intersection between the Namcheon and Kyungsung Subway stations, this restaurant is a delightful place to enjoy healthy Italian food, from fresh risottos to heavenly vegetarian “steaks”.

Penne Pasta with tomato and rucola | ©

Namesae Buffet

Centrally located, the Namesae Buffet is one of the most popular vegetarian buffets in town. It offers a rich menu that consists of vegetarian delicacies, freshly cooked and served in generous quantities. From Korean-style sticky lotus roots to thick brown rice, the vegetarian feast on offer at this spacious, aromatically scented restaurant is worth exploring.

Bibim ssambap ingredients | © Jinho Jung/WikiCommons

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