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A Berlin And Seoul Collision From The Contented Film Team
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A Berlin And Seoul Collision From The Contented Film Team

Picture of Neil Dowling
Updated: 10 January 2017
Dialog. Inspiration. Träume. is the latest work by filmmaking duo Nils Clauss and Neil Dowling, otherwise known as Contented. Here, they share their short film and explain the ideas behind its making.
Dialog. Inspiration. Träume. | Courtesy Neil Dowling
‘Dialog. Inspiration. Träume.’ | Courtesy Neil Dowling

A student browses some photo books that transport her on a journey, partly real, partly imaginary, across the city and out to a beautiful sunset by the sea. A young woman who finds inspiration in the alleyways of an industrial neighborhood fuses traditional and contemporary sounds in her music which she shares with her classmates. A theater director and his actress explore and evolve their new piece on a range of rooftops throughout the city before returning to perform on the rooftop of Seoul’s magnificent new Goethe Institut building at the foot of Namsan mountain in the heart of the Korean capital.

The short film is the latest work by Nils Clauss and Neil Dowling, aka Contented, along with their Korean producer Kuiock Park. Contented is an award-winning international creative team that has worked together for a number of years on smart promos and music videos that are always original and surprising. ‘Nils has been living in Seoul for almost ten years now, and I spent three years there, but the city never ceases to inspire us,’ says Dowlong. ‘It an amazingly vibrant place and there’s a lot of really cool people doing fantastic things there.’

The relationship with the Goethe Institut started when Clauss, who also works as a photographer, made a documentary on the Munich Chamber Orchestra’s tour of North Korea a couple of years back. Clauss really appreciates working with the Institute. ‘They do really great work supporting artists and their collaboration and their trust for us to create something a little abstract has shown their commitment, not only towards facilitating the arts and inter-cultural dialogue, but of really being an active participant.’

This is the second project in which Contented has combined the unique charms of Berlin with the energy of Seoul, the first being the feature film Finding Joy, which tells the story of a Berlin- based writer who goes to Seoul in search of a young Korean woman he spent a wonderful night with in a down-at-heel Berlin bar.